The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 102

The Sovereign Voice EXTRACTED ARTICLE By Sacha Stone THE RUDIMENTARY PHYSICS OF RITUAL SACRIFICE OF INNOCENTS Any modern researcher investigating the status- enlightenment. Proponents of the living principle quo wishing to uncover our historical pathology of within the flame of Pure-Truth. money, power, control, and affluence, learns soon enough that the deepest skeleton in the closet is To help us understand the hyper-dimensional connected to sacrifice of innocents. aspect of ritual satanic abuse and sacrificial rite, it may help to posit the following: There are two It is the underpinning of our civilizational wheel, kinds of homo-sapien inhabiting the earth: those whether it feels comfortable to acknowledge it or who are born into generational satanic, illuminati not. It is the source-code to our modern complex of families and bloodlines, and those who are not. The so-called reality, whether it fits into our individual differential is something approaching a decimal contextual framework or not. point. In certain concentrated cityscapes (Rome, London, Washington, et al.) one could realistically Billions will choose to turn and face the wall…… speak in terms of one satanist to every nine non- denial writ large, which is what effectively grants satanists. All co-existing in our midst. Friends, the permissions for this epic tragedy to continue neighbours, priests, countrymen. Shocking? … yes. at industrial scale. Enough to have most good folk turn off the switch and walk away from the subject—thus allowing the A few brave souls will stare this devil in the eye— paradigm to continue. It is this shock factor which and begin to make sense of it. These are the souls equates to civilizational dream spell. Rather like amongst us who are dynamically beginning the an entire planet watching the World Trade Centre process of enlightening this darkest story in our towers falling into their own footprint in September midst, which will ultimately absolve and redeem the 2001—eviscerated—dust—yeah! horror and allow us to ‘move on’ as a civilisation. Certainly it is discovery, enlightenment, and The cultists know this stuff amongst themselves. absolution which is paramount, if we are to survive It is common magic. Compartmentalisation is key. psycho-culturally as a species. Mark Passio, David They are special—the great unwashed 90% are not. Icke, Jay Parker, Leo Zagami, Arizona Wilder, Cathy That’s you and I—and our children. Amongst the O’Brien, Brice Taylor, Roseanne Barr, Max Igan, and half-a-million plus children who go missing every Fritz Springmeier are just some of these noble souls. year in North America alone. Who are never found. History will reflect upon them as the great gift to our Never reappear in this mortal realm. page 100