The Sound Of Eternity Released Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1 - Page 14

What is God saying to the Emerging Prophetic Generations

By: Prophet Dale Hughes

I remember when God confirmed in me that He had created me to be a prophet to the nations, only to tell me soon after that I am a blueprint not a carbon copy. There wasn’t a big ordination process, a party, a cookout afterwards, or any type of celebration. It was quite the opposite. There were satanic attacks, spiritual warfare, isolation, loneliness, trials, tribulations, and trying adversity. We must always be mindful that we didn’t chose God but He chose us, and a chosen vessel is a lot different than a called one. The Bible says in Matthew 22:14, “many are called, but few are chosen”, this means that there are some people that have a choice in answering, but there are some that are heavily persuaded into answering and unfortunately, they don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing what parts of being chosen they want. What God is saying to the Emerging Prophetic Generations is this; “Let me lead you into the truth, a truth that is incorruptible.” Too many prophets are being called, appointed and positioned by men that they don’t respect and don’t agree with their ideology because of the the man’s s, man’sonship with He/Him Holy Spirit and they have allowed man to shape their prophetic identity.