The Service Moves I

THE SERVICE MOVES Program Highlights 2 CIA Service Projects 3 Event Recap 4 Tips in Nonprofit 5 Career Opportunities 7 P.O Box 1437, Slot S230 Little Rock, AR 72203 CHOICES VOLUNTARILY YOUTH QUALITY ENGAGING SUPPORT SUCCESS CITIZEN MEANING INDIVIDUAL “The Service Moves” Newsletter Debut In this Issue… CIA Announcements & Photos GOODWILL CHARITY GENEROUS CARE ASSIST QUALITY WILLINGNESS APPLY ACTIVITIES PHILANTROPY OUTREACH OPPURTUNITIES INSPIRE SERVICE COMMUNITY VALUE GAIN IMPROVE VOLUNTEER COMMITTMENT VITAL FOUNDATION IDEAS NONPROFIT HELP GROUP DEDICATION FUNDRAISER Newsletter Edition I 8 We are delighted to introduce the first edition of the Community Initiative of Arkansas newsletter, brought to you by the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support. “The Service Moves” will be a regular publication. The division will use it to keep you in touch with news and developments with Arkansas nonprofits, as well as capture and highlight the successes of our Arkansas AmeriCorps Programs throughout the state.