The Seeker issue 2 - Page 8

We have become human beings from the amoeba state, but how did we become? We became spontaneously – sahaja. Saha means “with” and ja means “born.” Yoga means “the union with that all-pervading power.” You have a birthright to achieve this yoga. This is a fact. We have to have the light of the Self in our attention, to see and to know what is wrong with us and how we relate to others. This light gives us wisdom and that is a very important thing that should happen to us. Human beings have always depended on the energy of hatred, not of love. But the whole cosmos is made by this energy of love. This energy thinks, understands, organizes – and loves. It is the most efficient energy that you can think of. It never fails. We see the situation of religion and we get quite frightened. In every country, people say they follow this religion or that religion, but what we find is that, by following any religion, they cannot stop doing wrong things. Whatever religion they follow, they can all still be nasty. They can be cruel. They can be arrogant. They can be horrid. So there is only fear. They are frightened. They do not have that inner power which gives them the light to see what is wrong and what is right. And even if they can see it clearly, they cannot do it because they have not got the power to do it. They have no will power to do it.