The Seeker issue 2 - Page 6

The truth is that there is an all-pervading power of love, which is a certain pure power which we have never felt before. But the time has come now when we can feel that all-pervading power. The second truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not your conditionings. You are pure spirit. When you become the spirit, you can experience the all-pervading power of love. These are special times when there are so many seekers of truth. It is a blossom time when many flowers have to become fruits. Unless and until we know the absolute truth, there will be many opinions and many ideologies with everyone thinking that they are the best and the ones who are correct. That is why there are quarrels, fights and wars. But when we feel the absolute truth, then there is no question of arguing with another person. This power, which is doing all the living work, is the power of love. It is pure love. It thinks. It organizes. It nourishes. It balances all living things. When we receive flowers, we do not even think how beautiful they are and that they come out of a little seed. How does it happen? It is a living force and the living force works it out.