The Seeker issue 2 - Page 20

A grandmother and a grandchild have a relationship of tremendous love. For them, the grandchild is everything and the grandmother is everything. They just love each other. Whatever the grandchild may do, whatever the grandmother may do, it is all right. It is a kind of a tremendous experience of elevation. You feel elevated and you enjoy that love. If there is no purity in love, you can never, never enjoy love. With love, everything will be changed. Your brain will be filled with nothing but light. Your heart will be filled with light and you will just bounce with love, all the time with humour, with loving care. Every day will be so different. So just enjoy that. The fundamentalism, the greed and jealousies and competitions will all drop away. They are useless things. But if you have the jungle of nonsense in your mind, then all kinds of animals can creep in. Purify yourself with love, cleanse yourself with love. Look at every position, every thing with love and you will be amazed how you will find it easier not to dominate, not to control, not to despise, not to say things which are not proper. Love is such an extremely correcting and extremely joy-giving thing that you will be amazed at yourself. It is something I would like you to do, for you to get it – this kind of life where you just flow with your love.