The Seeker issue 2 - Page 18

You need not harm. You need not say anything. You need not quarrel or fight, but you will know because love gives you knowledge, a complete knowledge about a person. You know the person, what he is up to, what he is doing, but you do not mind because you love that person. If you love, then what happens is that whatever you need, you get. But you have to first love yourself, but that love should be pure love. As a result of that, you will cleanse yourself. Sometimes you are so much identified with your temperaments, with your nature, with you personality, whatever it is, but then you realize that is not true love. It is blind. Love gives you a complete idea about yourself. “What am I? What problems do I have? Why do I create problems? Why do I get into problems?” You will be amazed that love has such a powerful light in it that it is the truth and it is the knowledge. You cannot blame anyone if there is no light in their life. They cannot see themselves and they cannot see others, so what is the use of blaming them, blaming this community, that community or this country or that country? What is the use? This love is universal. It has nothing to do with any particular type or particular style. I want you to enjoy that love.