The Seeker issue 2 - Page 16

The best is to fall in love with your Self. Self means your spirit. It is a love which is divine, a love which is nourishing, a love that looks after you. But we don’t know how to look after ourselves. We do not know how to love ourselves. We love this person, we love that person, but what about yourself? They think it is selfishness – no, not at all. To know the Self is love. If you know the Self, you will know love. You will fall into the ocean of that love. Just watch yourself. It is very simple to introspect. “Do I have love within me fully?” Partly it is love, partly it is not. Love can be very much bounded like the way we love our country. It is so with everyone. You love your country. Also you love your parents. You love anybody. But it is a limited love. It is a bounded love. Love should just be open. Then you will see where you stand as far as your country is concerned, as far as your relationships are concerned. You will know everything.