The Seeker issue 2 - Page 10

This is a very big revolution that is coming today. It is very different from other revolutions we have had. In this revolution the transformation that takes place within you starts getting drenched in the bliss. You become a very peaceful, joyous and serene personality. You start looking very young. All your worries go away and your wrinkles disappear and you become the light. Then you start emitting light for others. This has to happen. If we have to change the world, we have to change human beings, but not by force, not by any organization, no brain washing – only by awakening. You become the spirit. And you decide for yourself. You become your own guide. That is the way of love. You will get rid of all your fear, but you do not dominate anyone. You love. In your love, you are secured. It is not by domination, but by the security that you are love, you are compassion. The power of love is the highest of all. You stand in complete peace and bliss. There are many other things that happen. You can become a poet because you become so compassionate. And when this compassion starts working, you are given all the help that is needed.