The Seeker issue 1 - Page 6

When we evolved to the human state, whatever we knew, we knew through our conscious mind, through our central nervous system. But as far as the brains are concerned we can think of anything. We can think that we have now become the King of England. We can think that we are the President of America. Whatever we think, we can go ahead with it. And whatever we want to read, we can read. All that is nothing but a mesh of words. There is no reality about it. The reality exists in our central nervous system and in our conscious mind. HAVE WE LOST OUR SEEKING Those who have tried to misguide the seekers had some gross intentions – maybe to make money. But perhaps the subtler way in which they were so negative is that they did not want you to seek. I have met many seekers all over the world and I have found they were all exhausted people who have been to a wrong type of seeking. They are so exhausted that they have no energy left to seek. They are so fed up with seeking, so doubtful about everything – even about themselves – that they do not want to seek. Thousands are lost like this. Their misguiding forces, their gurus have been exposed, but still these misguided people are still blindly following something which is destructive. It is a very sad thing that traditionally you should have known what to seek, what to find out, what is the spirit, what can be gained and how to get it. But in this modern style that we live, we have lost that tradition. In our seeking we have lost the tradition to know what we have to expect and what we are to know.