The Seeker issue 1 - Page 14

The missing point in western philosophy is when we think of individuality. That is why everything is going amok. It has to be worked out in the maturity of your wisdom. You have to become that peaceful beauty and then you become an individual personality. As a fruit has become ripe, it then separates from the tree and becomes an individual. Through the seeds of this fruit, other trees can grow. Otherwise, if it is raw and it says, “I am an individual,” it is spoiled. It is of no use. It has not matured. You have to achieve your maturity and then you will be amazed to see your own glory and your own depth. The shallowness will disappear and the deeper things, which are so subtle, which look so mysterious to us, become so apparent and the whole knowledge about your Self becomes so easy. This is what one has to achieve. It is the spirit. It is absurd to live satisfied with the mundane things, with the ordinary things, because you are not born for them. You are born for something special and that special thing you must have. It is your fundamental right. Why should you deny yourself that fundamental right when it is available? Is it only because you are whimsical, because you have funny ideas, because you have got some sort of a kink in your head? Why not find that greatness and that glory? That wealth is within you. It should not be given up for anything whatsoever. It is a very important time. It is a fantastic time in which you are born. Realize that you, yourself, are a special personality. You are a seeker. THE SELF IS TO BE ACHIEVED