The Seeker issue 1 - Page 12

These seekers are seeking something beyond. But what are they seeking? In the tradition of spirituality, if you go back thousands of years, it is said that in you resides the power to get your Realization, to get to your Self and that the Self is the one we should achieve. That is why you are on this Earth. That is why if you go to any village in India and ask a villager what does he want in his lifetime, he will say, “I want one sat guru” – that is a guru who is a real guru – “who will give me my Realization.” YOU ARE A SEEKER As human beings, we are free to choose right and wrong. We have, through traditions, developed lots of correct ideas about right and wrong. Despite that, we find it difficult to be righteous, to be virtuous, to be what that we believe in. We see something, we hear something, we know something that is good, that we should be like that, but we just can’t do it. We are not capable of doing what we believe in. The reason for this is because we are not integrated personalities. Our brains say something. Our heart says another thing. So we are divided into three or four personalities and that is why we cannot integrate ourselves. To integrate ourselves we have to become the spirit. The spirit is the one which is watching us all the time. This spirit is the one that is the integrated point. Once we become the spirit, all these beings that are within us, which are disintegrated, become completely integrated. That is how we become capable of doing what we believe is good or right – through our mind, through our efforts and through our love. It all combines together and we do perform everything that has a complete integrated expression.