The Seeker issue 1 - Page 10

Relaxation has to be first established. That can be very difficult. Something happens all the time because of the hubbub of this modern time. The peace that is required within yourself is not there because there is no peace outside. It is a vicious circle. We are seeking the peace and the peace is inside they say. To get the peace inside, you must see that there is at least a peaceful atmosphere outside. So people go to the Himalayas and try to achieve their Realization. Self Realization is to truly know yourself. When you know yourself and what is clinging onto it, just remove it completely. Nothing should dominate you. TO KNOW PEACE WITHIN Just see within yourself that you have to h ???????I???????????=???????????????I??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Q????????????????????????????????????????????????????Q?????????????????????????????????????]???????????????????????????%?????????????????????????%???????????????????????=???????????????????????????????M???????????????????????????? ??????????????????e?????????????????????????????e????????????????????????e????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????e????????????????????????????Q????????????????????????????????????M????((