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The change of feasts - the denial of faith couches, and the man gets out to his work and to his duty until evening. Oh, how much I have grown into My works, and the man forgot it and got up and changed the times and said that it was him. The man became God and he said that it was him, but My measure is the day, an evening and a morning, and these have not been changed from their place and they know their boundary. Only the man does not know My creation and the signs of the time, as I made the moon and the sun to set the times, so that the man may know the measure and not to move it from its place, and to celebrate My feasts at their place. (According to the Julian calendar – the old style, r.n.). And then I made another sign of the time, for I rose on the first day of the week, and this day remained to its place, and I will mark down the signs of the moon on it, as I put the moon to set the times, and the son, which knows its setting. (Reference to the way of calculation of the Feast of the Lord’s Resurrection – The Passover, r.n.). Today is a day of feast, a day of Epiphany, a day, which have come down to us from the forefathers, the celebration, which knows its boundary. It is a day of Epiphany in you, Romania church, My last church, My house of guests, My house of My coming back. Fa- ther, the King comes with the wedding of His Son in you, as the Father is in Me when I come to you. Come to dinner, come! I have a little garden of sons into your midst, and I am flesh and word in it, as I am in My second coming. I have My body come down and the word into My little garden with sons, and I have always told them: „Take, eat; this is My Body and My Blood. Take and eat; this is My word, the Spirit of the Truth. Eat and grow up, as I am the One, Who grow in you. I am the One, Who is, and there are no other gods. I am with you and in you, to be and to give Me to the people for a day of birth and of baptism; a day of resurrection and of ascension and of everlasting supper with Me in heaven and on earth”. This is what I have told the sons of the garden of My word, who hear My voice, which comes with the clouds above the little garden of My word. Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism (Epiphany), from 19- 01-1997 (06-01-1997 Old style / after the Julian calendar) (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** The people keep a fasting for My birth’s celebration. Some people fast and they do not know what fasting is; they do not know the ways of justice and of the cleanness of the heart before Me. I strengthen through the holy forefathers four times of fasting, so that the church may be a strong house with four pillars, strong and strengthened by fasting and soul watching, and the people, who set themselves as My servants on the earth, took one of the four pillars out of its root and made damage over the strong order. But I have turned your face to your fathers, My people, to be protected in the day of your visitation, as the people made bold to chance even the times, and the voice of the saints from heaven asks Me again and again: „Lord, until when?” but I told them to be patient until the fullness of times, until the full- ness of My saints’ number, down to My smallest ones. Amen. The people keep the fasting of the Nativity, and there are four times of fasting for the feasts of the heaven on earth. After that it comes the fasting in which the people prepare themselves for the celebration of My resurrection. Then it is the fasting established before the celebration of the saint apostles, and then it is the fasting established before My little Mother, and there are four times of fasting, established by the fathers and by the saints who strengthened My church on four strong pillars, but one of these pillars is no longer. It is written by the prophet Daniel that the power of the holy people will be crushed, and the people of the church of nowadays do not even think to turn their face to the fathers and to turn their fathers with 6