The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 50

The change of feasts - the denial of faith been working these things upon it with the saints in heaven and I will endure into its midst until the day of victory, when I will prevail to redeem the church and to call it Orthodoxy, My bride, that had deceived Me with so many lovers and because of that I do not have it now as Mine; however, I am working for it from the sides and am calling out to her to let her know that I have come to deliver her from bondage and to give her the first garment if she turns back to Me, if she wants to be with Me; on the contrary, if she does not want, I will give My glory to those who love Me after the truth and I will multiply them like the stars of the sky, as it is written about the sons of Abraham, the father of the right faith before Me, for he did not doubt of Me when I revealed Myself to him among all those in his time and I spoke to him from heaven and when I put My promise upon him for a great nation raised from him between heaven and earth before Me, the people of the saints, the nation of the right faith. Amen. I am inclining the ministering church on the side of the Orthodoxy from the fathers into the midst of the Romanian people and I am saying these things dedicated to the ancestral faith by sacrifice and by a firm faith before Me, and I am telling them that I, the Lord, have come as word over the earth on the hearth of the Romanian people, and I have been working for a long time by tools prepared by Me to prevail with for the deliverance of the church, for in the year of the tearing down of the feasts of the saints, I raised a great hope, a new branch, and I had taken care of it until I was able to work through it by great proclamation and by My holy trum- peting and that of the saints from heaven on the earth and over the church, and during all this time I have said that My right and clean church in faith is that which sacrifices itself for the faith and it is that which watches then against its enemies, and My church is not that which only eats and drinks and dresses up in the name of the faith, opening its door whenever someone knocks at it to enter those that are foreigners to its holiness left from the fathers. Oh, the true church is that which suffers like its Master: mockery, denigration, persecution and through all these has victory, for this is how I overcame and am the victor of death and hell and I am the Savior of the righteous and faithful people; moreover, much patience and a gentle and humble spirit are needed in those who are long enduring like Me for the sal- vation of My church, which is now enslaved by those who are foreign towards Me and towards it. Oh, Romanian people, watch and try to see what you are doing to be again My church according to the right faith, as your church and its servants are in bondage and are in union with My and its enemies. I give you the power to wake up, to watch and to look well into the heaven, and then to ask the saints about what you have to do so that your life may not perish. Come back to the first condition of My church, come back to the feasts of the saints and to the well-set course of the church, as it is not good the way you started to walk in, while mixing the Lord with those of a foreign nation, for the saints have advised you in a holy way and you have to listen! The fathers and the saints have established on the first Sunday of the Lent the memorial of the right faith and the sons of the church do not know what the right faith means. The Orthodoxy means the holy fathers; this is what I, the Lord, say on a day of Sunday for the memorial of the right faith, and I have been enduring painfully for your awakening to watching, oh, flock of the Romanian people! Come back to your place from where you fell in wandering; turn back on the way of the saints’ history and try to see your wrongdo- ing; stand up and shake it off from you and set your way as the Christian tradition requires and not as you or your rules upon you may want, who are in union with the antichrist against Me and against you, because in this way you cannot be Mine, and I want you to be My bridegroom now, in the end of the time with your whole body under the cross of the right faith, as I come on your hearth, Romanian people; furthermore, I become word far and wide over the earth from 50