The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 49

The change of feasts - the denial of faith up like a voivode, Orthodox people, and shake off the slavery and the threat of the anti- christ enemy, who envelops you within his read robe when I ask you to take on a white little shirt and to stand before Me, for it is the garment of glory, not as My enemy and yours, the antichrist, has taught you and made you dress in red your little house, your body and the whole of your order, so that you may take after him in dressing and in your faith then, because his faith is unbelief in Me and it is also his denial of God and yours. Oh, do not seek to get used to saying like your enemy who wandered from the way saying: «I follow Paul,” “I follow Chefas,” and “I follow Apollo». (1 Cor: 1/12). Oh, not this way. You too should not say: “I follow John,” “I follow Basil,” “I follow Gregory,” or any other saint, or even more, someone who has no saints at all, but you should rather say: “I follow the holy fathers who give me to God by their holy teaching,” because if you do not listen so, I tell you that you will get lost, you will get lost before Me, by the antichrist enemy, who has entered your house with his order and with everything and within all things, because you have not watched that your house might not be broken into, and it was broken, because the antichrist does not want you to be My bride now, in the end of the time, as I come to you as a Bridegroom, and I do not come otherwise, (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb 27 ”, r.n.) and when I come I find you engaged to My enemy who has enslaved you to be his. Oh, let Me redeem you, as it is for this that I am coming to you during these days, Orthodox people! Beloved people, try not to do like the Israel people did two thousand years ago when I came from the Father to it and it sent Me away! In great humility I would ask those who have remained in the Romanian Church of the right faith, the other synod of bishops of this people, (The Romanian Orthodox Church in the old style / after the Julian calendar, r.n..), and for which, in order that it may be now, many saints gave themselves as sacrifice to the Orthodoxy, when the feasts of the saints were shaken from their places and when you fell under the bondage of the enemy who deceived you then to make you deny your saints and your tradition left for the church from generation to generation; I would ask these to understand like Me that you are in bondage, Romanian Orthodox people, and that I have endured much for you as I used to endure for the Israel people when it fell into slavery because of his disobedience to God, to the prophets and seers, because of their violation of the ancestral law. I would ask them to stay humble and in great love and patience, in a gentle and humble spirit in them, with the hope that I, the Lord, come on earth as word to work the restoration of those that were thrown down from their place because of the lack of holy watch of the church servants then when these were shaken. I am reminding them that I, the Lord, two thousand years ago, spoke to those who relied on the fact that they were the sons of Abraham, not understanding that I am greater than Abraham, that I am before him, and I told them when I saw that they did not receive Me and wanted to do away with Me from among them, and I told them that even out of stones God can raise sons of Abraham. (Matt: 3/9) Behold, I can do that now, as I said at that time that I could work like a God, for I have come from the Father on earth and I have put aside a small people in number and condition and I have blessed it with a new blessing and I have been staying into its midst as word and I have been renewing everything by word, as it is written, and I have a clean and new anointing upon it; also I have 27 You can also see on: lamb ding_of_the_Lamb.pdf 49