The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 48

The change of feasts - the denial of faith Lord, have with them a heavenly citadel on earth, as our longing burns in heaven after Your Scriptures set on earth to the least of the Scripture of Your entire fulfillments. Oh, give them the victory with You! Let the angels and the saints be inhabitants with them, and through them to be workers over the earth, and may those who do not love God be cursed, as it is written, for the Lord is coming. Amen. — I am giving you of My joy with you into the midst of the people of My word, oh, My beloved saints. The time is with the spirit of the darkness on it; however, We have a house on earth, We become light in it, We share Ourselves and build the church, as My saints had built it through their life by their testimony and by the spirit of prophecy. Amen. Peace to you, My people! Prepare for Me, son, a feast of Epiphany now, and strengthen yourself within My Spirit, because I, the Lord, strengthen Myself in you so that we may work much glory and wisdom over those who come and get together near Me and near you at the feast of Epiphany soon. I am sending to you travelling angels together with them to My spring of word and water, confirmed by the word of Epiphany upon it. I am coming into their way with My glory and I am giving them from it so that they may know Me and be faithful. I will strengthen them within Me, as they cannot find anywhere clean pasture anymore, as there is only poison everywhere, there is only faith denial, and it has been foretold through the Scrip- tures that it would be this; however, for My elected, these hard times will be shortened, for this is what I spoke through the Scriptures, as I promised. May your hard work for the preparation of the Epiphany feast be blessed, My people! My saints and I are coming to your help, and you should be and stay within the spirit of humility and within the spirit of the infancy from Me to be able to be carried in the arms, son, for My arms are with you. Be faithful, be greatly faithful, for I have promised you and this is how I am going to fulfill. Amen, amen, amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s bodily circumcision and the feast of the Saint hierarch Basil the Great, from 14-01-2012. *** Oh, Orthodox people, take note at My voice, which speaks to you while you do not watch for your faith, for your church! Remember the Romanian voivode Mircea the Elder, (Romanian: Mircea cel Bătrân, r.n.) who did not bow to the Turkish Sultan when this one came to ask Mircea for his kneeling. Respond to the antichrist enemy when it comes to you to strip you off your little shirt and to give you a red shirt only to mock you, (Red - the color of communism, neo-communism and left-wing political, r.n.) as the rulers of the Israel people gave Me when they took Me to be mocked and crucified so that I might no longer be; oh, answer the enemy of your salvation, answer him as the voivode Mircea did and take care to know how to answer before those who come to make you kneel before them and stand up and look up at the saints and at the fathers and ask them so that you may not go wrong for your faith, for faith is accompanied by holiness, and only the saints have their faith well founded in them and revelations from the Lord for its way. Oh, keep your faith, keep your possessions, Orthodox people, and do not be afraid of the one who has taken on him the robe of faith! How- ever, you should watch with the saints, who have revealed themselves to you by their holy works, for there is no one to help you but the Lord and His saints in your hard trial of nowadays for your faith, Orthodox people! I let you know that My patience is great and it is much for your resurrection, for your salvation from slavery, only for you to take My advice upon you. Stand 48