The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 45

The change of feasts - the denial of faith and because of My removal from them, because of their unbelief in the power and in the work of the Holy Spirit, Who comes in time on earth, as He is the Watcher. Oh, who is to tell the wandering flock that My name goes out from the earth in such a way that the name of the haughty man may remain on God’s behalf and on God’s house; on behalf of the wandering flock and without a shepherd on it? The wolves are nothing but wolves, they are not shepherds; I am the Shepherd, but the wolves have removed Me to the sides and they have appeared instead and that is all. I come with the great saints and I show them every- where what is on earth under the name of church; I show them what the antichrist did and still does to wipe out My name from the people, to be God in My place and to draw the flock towards him. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) Oh, man cannot correct anything of those that have been torn down, and here it is how I come, and We will make all things new, for I am the beginning and the end of all things, and I start doing a new thing, and this has shot forth buds, but I always have to speak word over satan so that he may know that I am God and not he, as he is My adversary; the adversary of the invincible power between heaven and earth. Oh, it is a day of holy feast to My memorial. Eight days after My birth I was submitted to the law of physical circumcision so that it may remain over time that God became Man and appeared to the people full of grace and truth. The spirit of prophecy told about Me then that I would be to the falling and to the raising of many in Israel and that I would be as a sign of denial, as it was so, and it is so today. The people, who have set themselves as servants upon people in My name, do not know what God means, as the old Simeon knew from the Holy Spirit when he saw Me a Child, received Me, and spoke his prophecy for Me. Many of the church servants hear, they hear the roaring of this river of word and they do not know what it means, and they say that they are watchers, that they are smart and that they know to give Me out from them, as though My voice of today by this word is not the Holy Spirit. However this word is the Spirit of Truth and no one knows Me. I know all those who deny Me and this word is like a sign of denial, which is born of God and of which the whole breath has to be born again, all the creation again, and I will put the man aside and I will fulfill in this way, and many will believe and will be baptized in this word in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; and still, many will find their salvation, as I said two thousand years ago that I would work. Amen. I have within My descent the good and the faithful one, My bishop full of the Spirit of Truth, Basil who was Great in word for God before the rulers on the earth in his time. The saints are also coming with Me on earth, because the Spirit of Truth is no longer on earth, and it is only the spirit of man and that is all; however, I, the Lord, am coming and the spirit of prophecy is My testimony; I am working with it from heaven and from earth and I am going with it to the things that have been spoiled and completely crushed by man, which I have made to be. I am working with My saints, with My faithful witnesses, with those in heaven, as on earth, I have only enemies, only wolves, and I stay with the saints and with those who are faithful to Me on earth; moreover, I am working in the spirit of truth upon the whole lie on earth, I have a little garden of word and I am becoming a book in it and I am sharing with it to knowledge so that all may know that the Holy Spirit is breathing now on earth, as the Father and the Son is sending Him to the people to their illumination. Oh, great bishop among the righteous ones, My servants in heaven, I am writing you down into the book with Me as word so that many may wonder, and whoever wonders remains 45