The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 44

The change of feasts - the denial of faith work in the name of the Holy Spirit. Oh, woe to you! Get up out your soft beds and call out the heavenly powers to save you from the trap, for I say, woe to you! Behold, you are not faithful though you sit on seats of church. Oh, God is! What shall you really answer? However, fear has gone from you and it is you that have remained. Oh, God is and you will see that He is, and I tell you: wake up to see and to call out for you with holy and clean tears, cry out to the Lord to appear to you and to save you from unbelief, and let your repentance give you wisdom for repentance, as here it is why the Lord has come as word on earth! You have spoiled the law of the heaven and replaced it with yours and you have put the lie on the throne to rule, as it is written that you will do it. Oh, do not wonder that the Lord speaks much and that He builds and keeps His church free from those in hell; those that belong to the work of the antichrist, with its hidden face, the man of lawlessness. The Lord keeps the people of His word far from the mixture of those who give themselves to be cursed and to the Babylon, to the confused language; how- ever, the Babylon is going to fall and the victory is that which sides with the Lord and with His justice, and which has His holiness with it. Oh, may Your will be done through the church, Lord, and may You crush all the heads of the antichrist and all its cubs, clothed in sheep skins, for You stand and watch and have mercy on those who are well and faithful, and You also separate them for You, and through them, You put to shame on earth the unbelief of the Romanian people and of the Orthodox people from everywhere; as for me, I call out to the Romanian people and say: wake up, loved people, so that you may not lose your light and watch with the Lord and listen to Him and take from Him now for your salvation from Him! Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of Saint hierarch Spyridon, from 25-12-2011 (12-12-2011 - Old style / after the Julian calendar) (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** Oh, there is great noise on earth for the man’s way with God and the spirit of prophecy is not in the church, and there is no faith for this. All have deserted Me everywhere and they do no longer know Me by the spirit working from heaven, which has gone out on earth because of the spirit of unbelief, of the man’s spirit, hungry of power over the earth. I am coming and finding unbelief and pride in man, and the voice of the Spirit is no longer taken into account, for man has settled down as God in My place and he fell from God when he wanted to be so, and he fell like Lucifer, who wanted to be above God and who changed Me with man, and thus he lost his brightness from Me and became satan, and then he became God’s adversary. Man has tried to get everything but not faith, and the church needs faith, humility, repentance and welcome, for where there is faith and life dedicated to Me, I come and knock, and I come in and then I bring light in everything; I bring the spirit of prophecy and the spirit of the revelation from the heavens and I can do this by the man’s faith and humility, and I cannot be with man otherwise in order to give him. The Holy Spirit breathes over the earth and does not find any place to settle down, for He has always worked to let the man know how to work for each condition and work, as the house in which I have to work on earth with the people has become a den of thieves and the people do not know where they go when they go to the place they know as God’s house. Who is to tell them what God with people means? Only those who sit at their table with the book of their faith open on the table; only those still know how to experience Me and how to let Me work and lead them through the storms so that they may not perish because of the pride 44