The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 43

The change of feasts - the denial of faith this enemy of God and of God’s victory wants to do, but My ways are mercy and truth for those who seek after My dwelling place and after My mountain, and I will show it to them and I will take their legs out of the trap, as it is written. Amen. I give voice to the bishop of miracles, Spyridon, whose spirit is the Holy Spirit, as on earth in his time over the church of that time, for My saints also watch from heaven and work from above for those who seek the Lord to their salvation. Oh, may it be blessed your love at My table of word, with clean food on the table of the people of My word, great bishop, and may your spirit seize My people and give it from heaven! Amen. — I embrace it, Lord, I hold it in my embrace and I give it the strengthening, for You have it as Your light in times of great darkness, and I bestow on him a bishop blessing and I give him of the spirit of miracle making, for it is Your miracle, and You are its miracle, Lord. I embrace you, blessed people, and I put on your head the power of miracle working on the earth. May your prayer surpass in love those who, up to this day were workers for the Lord on earth, and let your faithfulness keep the Lord near you, and you near Him, so that He may overcome together with you, and you together with Him, as it is the time of the faith denial and the church of the Romanian people has departed from God, and that which has been all over the earth has sided with its enemy at the table and with its mixture, which we, those who served the Lord long ago on earth, cursed and threw it out through the door and we kept Christ’s church clean and not mixed with its enemies and with the unfaithful. Behold what I am telling now to those who decide in the place of those that were set once and forever for their steadfastness over the church: I am telling you, I am telling you that the multicolored garment is not good, for the multicolored garment is for the immoral; that the white linen garment is good, as it is written in the Scriptures, for the Lord set it over His church at its beginning by the saints and by the fathers. You have under the multicolored garment, you have the secret epaulet of the antichrist if you have been working now at those set at the ancient foundation, for the antichrist, the man of lawlessness and his spirit, have overcome you and you cannot be God’s servants, for the true ones lay down their life for the Lord’s flock and they do not sell it to the pagans as you have been doing now and mixing everything together, (For ecumenism, r.n.) forgetting about the saints and father, who separated to the right and to the left, Christians from pagans, when the pagans did not want to be born through the church and baptism in order to come to their sal- vation after that, for it is written: «He who believes and is baptized will be saved!» (See Mark: 16/16). In addition, it is written again: «There is one faith and one baptism», (Eph: 4/5), no more than that. I write myself with you into the book of truth and I am coming to reach out my hand to you. You have changed the feasts from their place, as you have listened to your enemies and did not seek to ask the Lord about this, but I tell you that the days are measured in one evening and one morning by their length, and not as the pagan man has been measuring them and handling with the mystery of creation of the days, and thus by his reckoning, he removed the times of the evenings and mornings, by which the Lord measures the time. Oh, why have you tried to decide in the name of the Holy Spirit on those who have come to you from the pagans? Where is, where is really the spirit of prophecy to lead you from the Lord in times of trial of your faith, as God has always worked on earth among people in hard times? You say that you 43