The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 42

The change of feasts - the denial of faith nice to take the little money of God’s sons that was earned so hard and do with it what you say that you do! It was no so the work of the church in the time of its foundation among the people on earth, for My church is a mystery; it is not something else and it is not for the world. Oh, no one among those who set themselves as servants of the church among people, no none teaches the people their birth from above, how the sinful man may become a godly man and to become a servant man for the heaven on earth in order to bring Me heavenly fruit. Oh, servant with the name of God on your robe, when there is someone to build within his household a dwelling place for God, to have it around and to adorn it with holy garments according to his love, then you want to take over this dwelling place and make it a common one, as you say, but it is sin to strip the man of his ornaments and to put them on you; however, it is for you that you should give him if you have become his servant before Me. Oh, where is man supposed to make in his household a settlement of a little church before Me, as in the time of the first fathers of the church and My Christians, to have the holy gift near to them and all of his house to become the saints of the Lord, as did those in the centurion Cornelius’s house; Zacchaeus’ house and many other Christian houses who received through My disciples the grace of the Holy Spirit, working of holiness, without being taxpayers to some greater than God, Who does not ask for any taxes from His sons on the earth, but on the contrary, He gives them as a heavenly Giver? The rulers over people build upon people temples and temples again and bury in them lots of money and this only to their human glory, and the people do not know that no temple are needed on earth, but godly hearts and cleansed from sin, in which I may dwell with My face, with My life, and with My victory among the unfaithful ones, and they to wake up before the light, for I am the light of the world through those who are My saints on the earth. There are not the robes of the church servants that should shine and in this way to take the heart and the eyes of those who are attracted by them, but rather let their heart shine with faith, with God, with love, and with the glory of My humility glorified by the cross and which makes the Holy Spirit grow within people. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the great saint martyr Demetrius, the myrrh bearer, from 08-11-2011. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** In heaven among the saints, it is not the feast of My birth now, as the world and the antichrist changed it according to their will without God, but it is the holy feast of the great miracle worker Spyridon, the one full of longing and full Holy Spirit into the midst of the people in his time, and by whom God worked wondrous miracles on earth, and he worked always miracles upon miracles, as much as he had to aid all the helpless, those unhealed, those poor and sorrowful, and the group of hierarchs from heaven is staying now with Me and with you at My table of word on this day of feast for My archbishop Spyridon. Oh, wandering sons and you who do not have shepherds upon you; be full of hope and seek after Me to save you, for it was expected and it is still expected to fall the people of My today’s word, the one of new Jerusalem in the Romanian people, My church brought up by the word; seek after Me so that God’s church and its small flock may not perish from the earth, as I am its Shepherd and I am at the helm, and My people will not perish and I have it as My light over the darkness of the inimical man; I will judge according to justice from this throne, for the antichrist enemy covers the people to his perdition; he covers everywhere and he wants to destroy the church and to set the abomination of desolation in it, for this is written what 42