The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 41

The change of feasts - the denial of faith I am the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father Sabaoth and I am coming down into the book on the hearth of the Romanian people, here, where I have made a place of My coming down and speaking over the earth, as My Father is sending Me to fulfill the Scripture, which was spoken by Me two thousand years ago, to come and to speak on the earth and those in the graves to hear Me; however, if I did not come to be heard by those alive in their body, how would it be with My speaking over those who wait for Me to raise them to their resurrec- tion? (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead 26 ”, r.n.) Oh, My today’s speaking is true, and I am telling this to all those who are careless with respect of My word, which is flowing from My mouth during these days to be written on the earth and to give testimony. I have looked with the Father Sabaoth and I have looked with all the saints and angels. I have looked at the kings of the earth, at those who rule over the earth and over man as though they were kings greater than God was. I have looked at the servants of the churches how they look and how they do not look over My today’s word, which has become a river over the earth and which, with so much humility I, the Lord, have been working it over the people. The servants of the churches pretend that they do not hear Me; however, with Me is not the same, but it is otherwise, and the sin of their ignorance of God and their love to rule over the people, over the earth and over the heaven, is written against them, since God does no longer have the right to work according to His will and according to those written in the Scriptures to be fulfilled. Oh, it was not so with My church in its time of birth from Me and from My martyrs of Christian bearers and who were giving birth to God into the hearts of the people by the word of their preaching. There was faith on earth and it was the work of the faith and confession, but pride has taken their place and has become a robe for the servants at the altars who have hidden the Lord under their churchly garment, and I have been crying with- out a house since then and up to this day, and I have been crying with My saints and trying to show compassion to the people with the gift of the wisdom from above and of the carried cross, but there is no longer a place for God on earth, and here I am with the dwelling place of My word into the midst of the people, speaking to them about My pain, which becomes word into the way of those who persecute Me so that only they may remain. Oh, where are you, church with My name upon you? Where is your dwelling place and your face? Where is your humility to be your garment before Me and before the people? Where is your work for the saints, for the poor and for all kinds of weak people? Oh, there is no longer on earth something like this. My name and My face are mocked by those full of pride and who play well in their outer appearance the face of Christ’s church, begging mercy from the rich and from the poor to build palaces to write the name of God on them. With whom shall I speak among those who are servants of the church over the people and to whom shall I speak about My pain? I would speak over the one who is the ruler over the church of the Romanian church and I would remind him of the beautiful beginning of My church and of its ministry before Me. I would speak to any servant who builds a dwelling place where to assembly into My name those who believe in God among those on earth. Oh, it is not 26 You can also see on: tion_of_the_dead.pdf 41