The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 4

The change of feasts - the denial of faith faith denial is displayed from man to man. What does faith denial mean? What does this work means sons? Sons, sons, this work is the Lord, Jesus Christ, that came on the earth through the word; and it became the Lord, Jesus Christ, and spoke upon the earth; and the people who hear it say that the Lord is the demon, and no one recognizes the voice and the word of God; and the faith denial is displayed from pillar to pillar beginning with the pillars. The pillars are the people of the church, as first of all I went to them with the word, both then and now, and only after that I headed for the nations of the earth, then and now, and God’s denial is displayed from pillar to pillar, from man to man. The man of the church makes you deny Christ; to deny this work, which is God, which is called God’s word. He makes you do as he does, and to lie as he does; for he says that he is with the mother-church, with the church from the east. Do you hear son, what he says? The mother-church, the church from the east! Oh, if he had been with the mother-church, with the eastern one, would he have been a man of the lawlessness, of sin and of the vainglory any longer? The mother-church is the one, which died for its sons. The church from the east is the one who gave light over the sons; it is the one, which the man of today’s church brags about, the man of the church of the world, who stays with his lawlessness on his seat, on the seat of the mother-church. That is why I came and I cried for you, Israel, and I told you that My enemy took My little house and My little coat, (Of bishop, r.n.), and stole Me and posed as God, and I do no longer have any right in the house of My Father, (The Or- thodox Church, r.n.), and the enemy says the he serves Me and that he is Mine. He is Mine but as an enemy, not as a friend; he is as one who took from Me everything that I had from My Father, and about whom it is written into the Scriptures that he took My vineyard. But I took the gift and the grace of the vineyard and I gave them to those who love Me, and behold, I have a new vineyard, and I left the workers of the vineyard in disbelief, and I put over them the word that I spoke in My time with you, Israel, My vineyard from My coming, and no one can do to you any harm, for you are under My tabernacle and you are faith in God. I established you on the earth by the word, to be the people of the faith in God, to be light and path for the people without holiness in their flesh, and he, who denies you, denies Me, and no one can understand that Scriptures which speaks about the faith denial in the last time. Behold, I declare a word, I spread the word into My book and say: I brought this work of word on the earth and I told the man to do God’s will; that the man should believe in God and sanctify by the holy word which urges the man to the kingdom of the heavens, as I have come again speaking on the earth. This work is called God and God’s word, which comes from God. This people is the people of the Word of God, and I made it known through the work of the word spoken from glory over the earth. He, who hears this work of word and he, who hears the One that speaks from heavens and denies this word, denies God. I have been working the heavenly word on the earth for forty years, so that I may bring the man face to face with Me by the word and to test him in the faith. Behold sons, the faith denial is the denial of this godly work among the people. I told the bishop, the witness of My work; I told him ahead of time, that if he loses My work, he will not know the time of the faith denial. I told him that the faith denial comes over the church, and behold, it has already come, and he does not know that it came, as he did not remain with Me to know from Me. He wants to flee; he wants to say that the Lord is not true by this word that came from heaven, but he does not have this luck. Now it would be good for him that the work of My word to be a lie; it would be good for him that while he keeps the crown (Bishop crown, r.n.) with his hand that no one may take it from his head. But he does not know what it means to have a crown. You have a crown, My people. You are crowned, but he did not want to stay under your crown, and took a crown of vainglory, like the bishops of 4