The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 39

The change of feasts - the denial of faith the heaven are meant in them! Put decent clothes on your bodies and be holy, for the sons of this age marry and get marry, but you prepare for the age that is to come, sons, for there is no more time, because it has come to an end and it is being finished, for this is written! Stop from committing sin and from everything the devil likes in man and from man, for sin is pun- ished and it has to be removed! Look at the sons of this age; look and see that the woman is more undressed than man and she is not afraid to do the devil’s will against God’s will in man! Oh, you should not be ashamed with My will in you! Make bold and sanctify your life and My exhortation fulfilled in you will make you very happy! Receive the wisdom from above and do not rejoice over eating meat, for there will no longer be meat, because I want to give My hand to man and in order to take him out of death and sin, and he who does not want remains far from Me; he remains a slave in respect with sin, and sin is death, for this is written. Keep and live the days of feast, but woe, it is long since the rulers of the church shook from their places the feasts of the saints and they have been not afraid to violate them, and they are also not afraid to go against their ancestors and violate the teaching left over the church, and I, the Lord, have kept calling out to them and they pretend that they do not hear Me, and I suffer in heaven and I suffer on the earth too, and I do not find any comfort, and because of these kinds of causes and some more others like these, the wrath of God comes upon those who do not obey, and the man suffers and I also suffer because of his affliction, as I have much love and I am as merciful as God is. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Descending of the Holy Spirit, from 12-06-2011. *** I knock at your door with John, My Baptizer, oh servants of churches! Open to Us! I have come out of the book to strengthen and to renew the world by every word coming out of My mouth and which becomes true. I have come out of the book and speak further, as My speaking is not only as the book of the Scripture and that is all. You are deceived if you try to believe and speak this to one another. I have come out of the book and give great speech, for My book is not able to comprise Me into it with My entire speaking, for I keep on speaking and I speak as much as the river which does not stop from its springing, the river made in this way by the Father in such a way that it may not stop from its abundant course, and not only as the strand which runs from the rain water, oh, not in this way, for My river of word springs from heaven, from God’s mouth, because the Lord is a running spring, it is not slack water as you may want to raise a dam against the word of My Scriptures so that I may not longer speak more than that on earth. Behold, I am sending My angel, I am sending the people of My today’s word with a book towards you, for I am leaving My speaking of today into its midst over the earth. Willing or not, believing or not, listen to My voice upon you, for I call you into account for the life of My sheep. Be wise, for My sheep are those who listen to My voice and follow Me, and you hit them with the stick so that they may not to listen to Me, not to believe and then follow Me. However, I feed them and I do not strip them off as you do, but I comfort their pain and give them the gift of faith and take care of their lives, of their salvation, for I came then and I am coming now into the world that My sheep may have life and that they may have it abundantly, and to have always life, always food for their lives, as My word has life in it. Oh, the spring of My word will not stop from its running and it will overflow with joy and will comfort many hearts, crushed by the time and pains, and you will be called into account for what you have wanted to be on earth and for how much you have worked as you have chosen to be. Oh, it is a pity for My love, which flows down and you do not bow to take it that it may not be wasted when it comes to give itself to you to the forgiveness of your 39