The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 37

The change of feasts - the denial of faith with fast and prayer, they absolve and keep on absolving the people from eating and food and remove from the calendar the days of fasting and the times of the fasting, (Is about the elimination of Monday in the days of fasting, of the three weekdays of fasting - Monday, Wednesday and Friday, r.n.) because once with the changing the feasts of the saints from their place, (Crossing the New Style - Gregorian Calendar - from the old one, - Old Style - after the Julian calendar, r.n.) one of the four pillars of the fasting fell, fasting for which only three or four days have remained in a year, and behold how much damage has been caused by the changing of the things which was not supposed to be done, and I do not know what to do to open the heart and the mind of those who rule over the people in such a way they may do good to God and to themselves then and to bring back to their place the feasts and the holy customs so that I may reward them with their salvation for obedience, for their faith and for their welcome when I knock to come in to them and to ask them to listen to God. Behold, sons, why did I set you to live alive for monks and the same for food. People do no longer have days of fasting and neither the priests and the monks do; they do no longer have. From the biggest to the least, all love meat for food and all love the things coming out from the meat of animal. (Milk, cheese, eggs, r.n.) (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him? 24 ”, r.n.) I need help for the fulfillment of the last Scriptures and I have asked you to listen to Me with fast and prayer, for the prayer without fasting has no power at all. Behold, the people of My word is faithful and has listened to Me not to eat meat and those coming of out meat. I had no one to help Myself with for the fulfillment of the Scriptures, for the destruction of the antichrist and any kind of satan and for My entire vic- tory, which will be done soon, soon, by the work of the church and not by other kind of work. Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of Adam’s expulsion from paradise, from 06-03-2011. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** The end of unbelief is coming when My whole work for man will be well seen and it will appear in a great light. Oh, do not rejoice over your lack of faith and over its evil work to the sides, you who are not faithful. If you cannot humble before Me for your sins, at least stop from doing the evil work of unbelief, for you gain nothing, but on the contrary, you even lose your souls, you, who are not faithful. Welcome Me to heal you from blindness! Do no longer take care of your glory, for it is fleeting! Come to hear My calling after you from the door of My tent into the midst of the Romanian people, where I made a shelter to speak over the earth and to draw all people to the Father, to draw the people out from satan to God! Those who are healed from their blindness by My word in these days are driven out of the churches by the hypocrite Pharisees, who pose greater than God over the men’s souls, but if this word were not from God, then how could he heal the man from blindness and from sin? 24 You can also see on: 37