The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 33

The change of feasts - the denial of faith people on earth, who separated and keep separating from God, making their own paradises from place to place and gathering in them their happiness so that I may no longer be the man’s hap- piness, so that God may not be on earth with the people. However, I have always been on earth through My prophets all the time and through them I have been fighting against the unbelief in God of the people, who intoxicate their minds with their works without God, and I have appeared greatly by the word and by its fulfillment, so that the people may know from generation to generation that God is and that the Lord is great face to face with those who are unfaithful, and who have no humility for their life lived on earth and who have no hope in another life, but only as they make their thought and as it is not from God to be with man on earth and then beyond his body. However, first, in this day of teaching and admonishing word over those who are faithful and over those who are not faithful as well, I am proving Myself as true by My word of yesterday and today and I am taking the proof from the Scriptures and I am defending Myself with it against those who deny with unbelief My word of today, saying that this word is not God and that it might only be a lie, the man’s lie, and these do not take account of their unbelief, because as they want to be true the proof of their unbelief, so may My word be also true and everyone can prove what he is, as I can prove that I am true God by this word. Oh, God is true by His word of today, and this I am telling first to the most stubborn one through the sin of his unbelief, who proves it more by his mouth because of his haughtiness to be either a servant of the altar or a man of knowledge of God’s history with the people, or for everyone who knows what condition he loves to have on earth and to spend at peace in his blood. Oh, do not be proud by the nothingness of your mind that God is not, that He is not this word! It is God, and if it is, He answers to the one who speaks with Him and He answers to His saints, and His saints are those who believe in Him with power and are those who believe in Him when He comes with His works on earth. Oh, it is God and He answers the man, as He answered to Elijah, the prophet, when this one prayed so that it might not rain for three years and a half, and then he prayed again for the rain to come down, and he prayed with fire and fire came down from heaven on his sacrifice at his prayer and God answered with fire and the wood, the stones and the water were all consumed by fire, as a sign that God was and that He was with those who burn for Him and that, at their prayer, He could make the fire come down from heaven over those who were not faithful, as the zeal of the prophet Elijah spoke the word for the fire to come from above and to burn those who searched out for him, who were sent to bring him to the unfaithful king, who wanted the death of My prophet only because he was prophesying against the sin of those who sinned, against those who served the idols and pleasures and who did not serve God on earth. Oh, this word is God and it has power by His servants of today to make fire come down from heaven upon those who do not believe His word of today, who is true, just as God is, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire 22 ”, r.n.) and behold, I am writing Myself into My book of today with the day of My prophet Elijah and I prove it out from the Scriptures that God speaks on earth face to face with man, and in each time, He does His work, as the Scriptures may require, as the works of God and their time are ordained in them. Amen. 22 You can also see on: 33