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The change of feasts - the denial of faith by the saints, and We all are clothed in little robes of white linen, and this is how those that see Us testify, having from God this gift of the confirmation of the heavenly glory on earth within visible coming for the spirit of confession. Oh, look who made changes into the book of Apocalypse, in which My disciple wrote for the time one thousand and again one thousand years more, the way measured by God for His coming again on the earth, and those who did not love to be disciples, arose in time (1054, r.n.) and made a different stronghold and came out and put over them a father and they called and call him, (Pope, r.n.), after I wrote the prophetic word two thousand years ago to My disciples when I told them: «Call no man on the earth your father, for one is your Father, He Who is in heaven». (Matt. 23: 9) This is how I taught them to remain My disci- ples, and not to live on earth as masters over people, but only to teach them the way from God. Oh, there is no fa- ther on the earth but only in heaven and it is only One, and He is called God, and those who are His sons call Him Father: Amen. Oh, those who are great do no longer want Me to come on the earth! God made the earth and those who are big are not afraid to take it by force into their possession from God’s hand. They do no longer want to be My disciples but they rather want to be My masters on the earth, and they want Me to wait after them and to give only My name to them; and they want Me to stay in heaven and not on the earth to confuse their plans, for they want to be fathers and not disciples, and they want that all the people to say that they are worthy, and behold the abomination of desolation of the men’s souls in a place known as holy, servants opposing Christ on the earth, staying like this in the name of Christ. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint apostles Peter and Paul, from 12- 07-2010. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** On a day of the feast of the saints I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, great Bishop in heaven and on earth, am coming down as word from the Father and speaking through it with a feast and teaching, as there has always been in the church the word of the ministering priest in days of feasts, in days dedicated to the Lord and to His saints, to the peo- ple’s comfort and wisdom. I, the Lord, am coming down into My book of today with the day of remembrance of My prophet Elijah, with whom I spoke in a breeze, and he spoke with Me either, and We spoke to each other closely about My pain and his, (See the selection topic: „Enoch and Elijah 21 ”, r.n.) the pain caused by the unbelief and the wander- ing away of the people of that time, as I am also crying with My saints today because of the 21 You can also see on: 32