The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 31

The change of feasts - the denial of faith the people out of their love for Me and for the people op- pressed by the rulers of the world. Oh, how comes that you do no longer wake up from the wandering that you love as a life full of glory for you, and in this way you can do nothing to save the people and to be merciful shepherd for the flock? However, on the contrary, you stand before the people with the crown on your head, studded with gems, and you stand like this before Me, Who was crowned with bloody thorns on My godly forehead, and behold, there is little time and then you will lose your mind, as the pope in Rome has done, who has not been satisfied, as you do, with only one crown, and then he has put on his head three crowns one over the other 20 , so that man might fear him as though he would be a threat and that his curse may have power over the man’s heart in such a way that the one who dares not bow before him as before God on earth, he would burn into the eternal fire, and he had done this while he has worshipped many idols, just as you have, and he has worshipped many gods which he called: sports, holiday, visits to the big heads of the world, poli- tics on all sides, to which he has paid much servility for his pleasure and for his freedom, and in no way is he a servant of Christ on earth, the servant who sits on the seat of a church, on a praised throne, clothed in purple silk, Edom’s color, the red prince, as it is written in the Scrip- tures about the dyed one, and who is a man of lawlessness, seeking after the life of his brother time after time, from one another down on the earth. Oh, you have put Me away from all the places where you serve for worship! You have clothed in red and you are not afraid to do this, because you obey satan and his favorite color, and even the book of the Gospel you have put under a red cover, and you cover in this way all the churchly books! Oh, who has given you to do this if you have taken a sit to be the greatest over the Church of the Ro- manian people? Oh, why, why do you not like to be a Romanian? Has it ever been men- tioned somewhere a Romanian, clothed in red garment, when he has always been dressed according to the Scripture, in a little white shirt of pure linen, and girdled with a Christian belt, the sign of the holy power over his loins? Oh, where have you seen Me clothed in red, apart from the time when the rulers of the temple bought Me to give Me over to be mocked, and to destroy Me from the earth as a murderer? Oh, I come from heaven within a great appearance, and I come with all the saints and I speak on the earth accompanied 20 See about papal tiara on 31