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The change of feasts - the denial of faith Oh, let us speak in heaven and on earth, for it is written: «The Lord is in His holy church. The Lord has His throne in heaven. For the oppression and for the sighing of the poor now I will arise, I will bring them their salvation and I will speak clearly to them, and there are not speeches, or words whose voice may not be heard. On the contrary, their proc- lamation has appeared over all the earth, and their words to the end of the world». We are sitting down with a confessing day and we will love this day with witnesses from heaven and on earth written into My book of today. Oh, what is My speaking of today? It is My coming again from the Father to man to shake once again the heaven and the earth under the greatness of My word and the mountains and the islands to be removed from their places, because man does not want to do this at My voice of today, and for him the works of Sodom and Gomorrah are sweeter and man makes an agreement with death, and he does not want to make peace with God, for the apostles of lie have put on My garment on them and they teach the crowds otherwise, they teach differently than how I and you have been teaching the nations on the earth from one to another until today and until tomorrow. Oh, the apostles of lie teach the people otherwise, and I told the people that they would know after their works those that are My apostles, My followers on the earth, and those that are not. Look into the Scriptures, oh, men’s sons, because if you do not listen in this way, you will be lied day by day, for those who shepherd you do not love God, because they shep- herd you for themselves and not for Me, and they do not draw you to Me but to themselves. Oh, go to them and ask them to show the Lord with them, but do not let yourselves be deceived by them! Come to Me too, and I will show you the word of salvation from sin and I will take you to a holy life, like My life, and I will appear in you so, and then you will be hated by all because of My life in you, for My name, of which you will be worthy to bear on earth truly, and you will be My disciples, like those two thousand years ago to whom I said: «You will be hated by all for My name, but not a hair of your head will perish». (Luke 21:18) Oh, here is the sign I give you (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man 17 ”, r.n.) so that you may know those that are not My disciples and who cannot put the way under your feet to be on My holy way with your way among people. Behold the people of My word, a people of disciples like My disciples two thousand years ago, to whom Caiaphas, the bailiff of his servants, commanded them no longer to speak to the crowds in My name. However, they, clothed within salvation, were speaking more and more and they were giving them their answer: «It is right to listen to God rather than you». (See Acts 4:19) Oh, this is how I go during these days with the work of My word through My disciples of today, and those who flee from My coming get rid of Me and of them, and those who made bold to change the book of John, the book of Apocalypse, about which John wrote that no one should take or add to it, and they did and wrote a length of time (They wrote “thousands of years” 17 You can also see on:!VBUWkY6T!SB_9hmPR6r-Qz2JsvupK1FCoNDwFo1_oHJWxbn-ObeI 28