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The change of feasts - the denial of faith I have been teaching man by My servants how to live on earth so that it may be well with him, and man has not listened to God, man has not got used with God to be his Master, but still God is the Master, and you see that it is so and that you do not have any power when He speaks with you by the voice and by the work of the ghosts if you have not got used to listening to His word upon you. I have sent you a written book and I have used My servants, who hear from My mouth the word upon man, and I have taught you, Romanian people, how to do My will before Me for your destiny with Me on earth, but your pride, which does not let you bow before God’s correction, costs you, and it brings sufferance on you. I have put the people of My word into your midst to raise their little hands up to Me and to ask Me to bring the rain back into its chambers, for I have stricken you with flood, My country of today, but I have warned you that you would come to sufferance if you do not listen to Me. I am speaking to you in a day of the feast of John, My baptizer, but you do no longer have knowledge of the feasts of the saints at their place, because the pagan man had come and you listened to him and displaced the feasts of My saints from the calendar, (Replacing some of the feasts according to the “new” calendar, in the year of 1924, r.n.), and the saints have been aggrieved because you go to work on the feasts of My saints. Oh, no country, no Orthodox people have been more stricken than you have by the enemy of the feasts of My saints. You have been badly wounded and you have no longer had any true servants of the church upon you, for all are died in red (The collaborators of the former communist dictatorship and of the secret service of the security, r.n.) and My enemies and the enemies of My saints are also your enemies and they cannot be your benefactors. From the forefathers and from the old times, I have ordained pious days of prayer and worship to the Lord, and you do not want to follow the steps of your ancestors, holy and filled with the fear of God on earth. Oh, for nine weeks they had not worked after My resurrection on Mondays and Thursdays in their gardens, and they had not washed their little shirts and bed sheets during these days; they had not sewed them or driven nails and they had not stricken with their hand or with their tool during these days, and their love of God had been a blessing on the earth, and they had been protected from thunderbolts and lightning and from the floods and hail, they and their crops and their whole labor. Behold, man does not believe those that had been observed by the fathers and by his parents as days of intercession before the Lord as the help and protection from heaven over his things, and if he has not believed, he has come to see that he has not earned anything if he does not believe, and behold, I am speak- ing with you, Romanian people, on a day of the feast of the saints when you do your work after the order of the pagan man, instead of keeping the feast of My saint. I have given you help and I have sent you a message to receive My advice to bring back to their place the feast of My saints and no longer to interpret in a human manner how the man keeps account of his time and days, and you should consider how much damage you bring on earth with your pride, with your departure from the holy traditions, which you want to put them away one after the other, but this has incurred you only sufferance. Oh, it is not good for you if you do not believe in God and take after the pagan man, who changes his steps, faith and holy traditions! Behold, you suffer, and I feel sorry for you because you do not listen to Me, and your disobedience has also caused you to suffer, and I am speaking to you as a father and I invite you to believe and to receive Me, because I do not want your inheritance to be destroyed. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the birth of the saint John, the Baptizer, from 07-07-2010. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** 27