The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 24

The change of feasts - the denial of faith have sanctified themselves on earth for My kingdom in them, a kingdom that does not pass, have not done like this. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon, from 25-12- 2009. *** I have looked back in the time and seen My saints how much they had watched for the way of the faithful ones, and I am looking today at those who sit on the seats of the saints and confessors, and I see how well seated they sit there and how they do not suffer from My wounds from them, just as those in time have not suffered and who, by serving near My holy ones among them, have persecuted My saints, have cast out the faithful ones, who have loved My Spirit in the holy ones, and there has not been time for My saints when they have not been persecuted, and behold those who have persecuted them the most! In all the times the priests and the bishops have mostly got used to put the Christians and the saints under a bushel, as two thousand years ago, as today, when no one wants God to be on earth with the people as He should be, and not as man is used to know about God, for God is the One Who dwells with the faithful people on earth, and with those who confess God visibly before the unfaithful people, who are afraid not to lose their greatness over the people, and who is supposed to tell them about their wandering away? Oh, I come to tell them about this lawlessness they commit and I work with power and I become a river of word into the midst of the Romanian people and I bring into the open the work without God of those who set themselves down as gods over the people, and I tell the people that those who set up as gods are those who stand against God with their high sitting over the people and who clothed their dwelling places in the churches in scarlet and purple, to My derision, proving themselves whose followers they are. I have been speaking by My word of today that every man may keep away, every servant and the entire people may keep away from the adorning of their houses in red, because red is Edom’s color, the color of God’s mockers and of the persecutors of the saints. Oh, behold those who have ordained each other to be great and strong over the flock of the Romanian people! They clothe in red the holy places and all their things, and they hide their actions with hypocrisy. They clothe in scarlet the books of the church, and this is how they put them on the table of serving, and I, the Lord, have been speaking to them to keep themselves and their dwelling places away from this color, which draws and rejoices the devil, the color of the antichrist, the color of the beast, the red beast, drunken of the blood of My saints in all the times, and behold a sin that stands against those who do not see like God, but rather they see like man and act accordingly! However, I am coming and let My faithful ones everywhere know no to adorn their bodies, houses and their things in red, for the red draws the destruction, which knows its work and which knows its house. Oh, how gentle, how watchful, what a comforting Shepherd I, the Lord, am for those who love listening to Me for My will in them! I come to these and I make My house with them, I dine with them, I appear to them and I do not let them alone among those who are dead to Me, but I rather accompany them and put away from their way the hidden traps set for them, for I am Who I am, and I am the One Who knows, Who sees as it is to be seen, and not as the man sees or as he does not see. I see the traps set in the way of those who do not have the gift of the sight and I let them know, I and My saints, and I teach a heavenly teaching those who are faithful, who believe loving and love listening, and this is how I fulfill that Scripture which 24