The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 22

The change of feasts - the denial of faith then it will suffer falling and humiliation under the man who wants to be for himself and not for this nation at its gates. However, you should put your hope and stay in the spirit of the love of the country and nation, and I will keep My people in the spirit of prayer and of the holy watch, and together with the heaven of saints and angels we will stand and fight against the great stubbornness of those who want to be for themselves and who do not want the justice, the peace and the truth on the table of the brotherhood of the Roma- nian people. Oh, not in this way, the brotherhood of the Romanian people was not like that in the old times, and those from this nation that are not just for it now, have forgotten their brave ancestors. However, you sit down now before Me with the courage of the hope and let Me be your support, for I, the Lord, want to go on with his victory from Me with this nation, only that it may not fall in the evil spirit of the wandering away from God more and more, of the revelry that is all over the earth and of the faith denial, the sign before My coming with the day of the glory of My returning in glory on the earth to man, and the faith denial is the sign that the antichrist struggles with fierce power to wipe out My trace and name from the earth in order that he may rule instead. However, He will reign up to his end, and then I will be, as I was and as I am, the King of the creature, and I will bring to perfection, from the midst of the Romanian people, the mystery of the new heaven and the new earth and of the new Jerusalem, as it is written to be on the earth in the end of the time, and the Ro- manian country is written with the name of the country of brightness, and from its midst, I, the Lord, am written in the Scriptures to come and to be victorious over death and over the resurrection of everything, the new birth of the world of My new word, the book of today of My word. Peace to you now! Let no one grumble because of My word by which I have spoken to you today and to the Romanian people, My nation of today, My new Israel, that from the end of the time. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint archangels, Michael and Gabriel, from 21-11-2009. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** It is written in the Scriptures about the seven trumpets of which God sounds in the end of the time and for seventy years I have been raising on the Romanian land their voice, and I started with the holy temple, (The Church, r.n.), as it is written to be, and a great voice was heard in the temple and it called the people to repentance, for the red beast marked them to be its all the time, and I, the Lord, made a heavy battle against it by messenger angels on earth, and I have always waged a great war on it, for the beast and the false prophet have always marked theirs and spoiled the holy faith and teaching and made war with My saints, blaspheming them and God, as it is written, but My river of word overflew over the earth then in the time of My trumpet Verginica and I, the Lord, stood against the lie that had a godly face and I prepared a victorious walking over the earth with My voice of word, and then the red beast poured out three demonic spirits out of its mouth over the kings of the world to make them stand up to war and to gather them for the day of their fight with Me, as it is written about satan who fights against God, to be overpowered and judged and then to be revealed with its hidden work, by which he wanted to deceive the nations on the earth. However, I will soon come to an end to be victorious and then I will speak: «It’s done!» for this is written about the Lamb of God, to be victorious over the red beast now, in the end of the time, the beast which has had control over the kings of the earth and over their Babylon, and about which is written to fall down with a great noise once with My trumpet sounding over the earth, the seventh angel Who will sound the judgment, the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of the Father Sabaoth. Amen. 22