The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 21

The change of feasts - the denial of faith and teach them His repentance, and teach them as I taught them, because repentance gives a beautiful guise to man, a beautiful spirit. The man’s lack of repentance makes the Lord suffer, and you are at the gates and you are between God and man, and you have enemies, sons. Oh, what pain! This pain is great with God. Every pain that is crushed within you comes from the spirit of unbelief and lack of humility of those who strike you. Oh, behold in what kind of sins fall those that do not stay beautifully in the spirit of the holy faith! This happens to the one who does not stay with the Lord, and this has also happened to all of them and all have stricken then in those that have separated, and very rarely does a Christian stay quietly and humbly for his sins after he has left this fold. The humble spirit is that which helps you within you, but be wise little children lest by your unwise dwelling in the spirit of humility to diminish the work of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you for the sharing of the word, sons, and for the fed life of the sanctified people. The sin of the faith denial comes upon people and this people has to be strengthened in the Lord and it has to learn with every passing day more and more his poverty and his little of everything, for the man in the world will sell his soul for a slice of bread, which he will either have it or not, after that his testimony will be for God or against God. Oh, the Lord has sought to gather His people into His arms, for the time was about to come. Oh, the man is afraid for his body, but he is not afraid for his spirit. However, be wise and strengthen the spirit and faith of the sanctified people, for the Lord protects those who are sheltered from bad weather. Amen. Oh, sons of men! I, the apostle of Jesus Christ, John, the Baptizer, cry out from heaven to you: repent! You have old and new sins. You need faith in the Lord’s coming to you, and faith has power to make the Lord wipe out your sins if you do not longer remain in your sins. Come to repentance, for the time becomes a scroll and you do no longer have time to come to life. You should know that everything that is written in the Scriptures for the Lord’s coming are true words, and he who ignores this word, which flows from the Lord’s mouth over the earth, that one falls into condemnation, for the faith denial is coming and the man will have to choose. Oh, do not forget, faithful man, and you, the unfaithful one too, oh, do not forget that it is written into the Scriptures that the lawless man that is going to appear in the end will be destroyed by the breath of the Lord’s mouth. Behold a fulfilled prophecy! This word, which flows in these days from heaven to earth, is the breath of the Lord’s mouth, the work of the seventh trumpet, the work of God, the Word. Oh, here it is why the man wages war with the unfaithful man by this word and with the people of today, faithful to this word! This word will destroy lawlessness by its breath and the man who covers it in a way that it may not be seen. Amen. Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the saint John, the Baptizer, from 20-01- 2009. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** Oh, I am telling you now, to the one who sit as a helmsman for the Romanian people, for My ship, for the country of My coming now, in the end of the time, as word on earth and for the man’s salvation: leave to Me the fight and the care for the lot which follows to fight for you or against you, for the forces of the darkness have spread everywhere and blindly fought to draw under them My Romanian people. I, the Lord, am everywhere with the angels and with My saints into the midst of the Romanian people, and if the Romanian people chooses to wake up during these hard moments, then I will give him of My Spirit and I will work for him and for you at his governance, but if it chooses the lie, the strife and the pride, which from man stands against the unity and against the brotherhood of this nation, then I wash My hands from the lack of wisdom of the Romanian people for this crucial moment, and 21