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The change of feasts - the denial of faith My church of New Jerusalem, by which I speak over the flock of the Romanian people and over those who sit over it in My name, this is the church by which I will not be overthrown from My throne, and that is why I have come now and set it on its first rock, and the wise people of the time do not understand what this work is, at which they look and pretend that they do not understand. By this stone, I have saved My church from destruction, for the church of the Romanian nation is now trying to sell itself on a foreign price so that it may belong to the world and not to Christ, and behold, more than seventy years ago there was great sufferance on earth and in heaven and the times of the church were changed, as it was written for them to happen because of the church’s lack of watchfulness, and now there it is again, lack of watchfulness, (It is about the desire of the rulers over the Romanian Or- thodox Church to change the Easter holidays - the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - from the old style to the new style, Catholic r.n.) again denial of saints and fathers, again violation of the things left by the forefathers, and the church belongs to the world and it is no longer Mine, and I make room for My grave among those who sit over My flock and who do not give Me the glory and do not give Me the resurrection and do not receive Me with those things of today by which I come and want to bring God to life in man. Oh, church of the Romanian people, do not spoil your face! Take heed at My word over you, for I have always called you to get up, to wake up and watch, and with every passing day to give you to understand why I have been calling you. Those who sit over you in My name do not watch for Me and for you, for they mind only their own business. Oh, keep what you have left from your holy forefathers, for the people have spoiled the holy laws and they will continue spoiling them if they have set themselves to rule and have enthrone each other over you, and you are to die without a candle as they want you to die away from the faith left from your forefathers. Oh, do not deny your faith! Do not commit this sin! Open the Scripture and see into it that it is written that before My coming there comes the sin of the faith denial, and behold, that is why you have to believe that My coming is at your door and that I have come to save you, if you want. Oh, keep away from this sin, keep away, for I have come to let you know what should do, and I will make the spirit of the prophecy come down upon you, the spirit that signifies My testimony. Amen. Behold the sin of the faith denial, the sin that comes through the man who comes before Me, as it is written! Get up and overcome this sin, Romanian people, overcome it, for I, the Lord, will prevail against it, and I want you to do to the same so that I may give you a big reward as to the one who overcomes. I have a son in to your midst, anointed by Me and by My word in the church of the Romanian people, a son by whom I want to take the death, the dark- ness and the lie out of the church of this nation, but he is now being kept in chains because of his faith, and he has got his hands, his legs and his little mouth bound and he cannot work, he cannot walk and he cannot speak. Pray for My great victory, Romanian people, for My victory will be yours too. Pray for the Lord to overcome for you and not the man who rules over you to have dominion over you. Excerpt from the Word of God on the first Sunday of the Lent, of the right faith, from 16-03-2008. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** Oh, Romanian people, the time of the faith denial has come to you, son. Come close to Me, for the man cannot protect you, but, on the contrary, those who say that they shepherd you, they sell you to those who have betrayed their faith. Oh, pray to your ancestors to intervene for 19