The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 17

The change of feasts - the denial of faith *** I, the Lord, heal the one who calls Me after the truth to his help for his life, and My sweetest medicine is for the man to take My kingdom from Me in him, and to take it after My will, for if the man chooses his life according to his will, then he scatters instead, for he earns nothing in this way, oh, not in this way, not so, sons. Oh, children who carry Me as word from Me to man! Let the man learn to take from Me, not from him. I have spoken to My people before, and I have always told him that he who denies you, denies Me and not you, for you are My servants, and you are not supposed to be despised and judged, but you have to be welcomed instead, sons, for behold, those who judged Me with discontentment two thousand years ago, were those who were judged, they and not I. Oh, I want to make My people careful to watch and to stay under watch and I want to take it to My bosom and to teach it not to fall down from the faith, for it is the time of the man’s denial of God, and this time is not seen by the man to keep away from it, because it is the fog that covers it and not the earth. It is sun on the earth, but there is also fog over this time of the denial of Christ. Oh, My people who are so much taught and fomented by Me. Now watch more, watch out so that you may not fall into the sin of the denial from Christ, for the faith denial over the worldly church has already come, and it has denied it, because the church has not watched. Now watch, watch together with Me, so that it may not come upon you what has come upon the church of the world, so that this temptation may not come upon you, and that you may not know its face, for it is well wrapped up so that you may not know its lie. Oh, sons, denial of Christ starts from there, from where you do not receive correction for your life, and this starts from the sin of your discontentment, for he who is discontent feels for himself and then he becomes ruthless and dark and then he loses the gift of the faith and denies Christ, and this sin of denial of Christ comes from the beginning; it comes even from Adam, who was discontent in his own self, when I searched his life, and when I searched it, when I asked him about it, he blamed the woman whom I took out of his ribs, and he was then discontent because I dealt with his disobedience, and then he gave Me away from himself. Behold, he who loves his life, that one forgets about the salvation of his soul, he forgets about God, and this is how the forgetfulness of his soul is, this way and not otherwise, My people. Oh, take care not to fall in the sin of faith denial, Jerusalem fed on the Holy Spirit, because this sin starts from the sin of discontentment, son, but My saints get up and pray to Me for you, and they tell Me this: – Oh, Lord, if in Your people are sons who are dissatisfied with others and not with them, if there are stiff-necked men in Your people, if among them are some who are weak in their faith because of the foolishness of their mind, oh, heal them, Lord, in this hard hour. We pray to You, Lord, for the healing of those without steadfastness, heal them from the sin of their self-justification and judgment and make them be afraid of Your coming and settle within it and make them settle down as Your kingdom, so that You may know them, Lord, for it is written: «They will be like Him, for they will see Him as He is». Amen. – Behold, the heaven with the saints plead at Me for you, My people. Oh, be wise, for here is the wisdom that I give you to learn. Seek, son, to be like Me, for if you do not seek that way, you will draw many people away from My way, and they will be like you, for they will see how you are and they will follow you. Oh, not in this way, for if you do this, you scatter away My savings, and I harvest My work with labor and tears. Oh, do not keep Me walking on 17