The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 16

The change of feasts - the denial of faith Jerusalem of today, celebrate the feast of the miracle doer, the bishop Spyridon, with a great host of heavenly bishops between earth and heaven. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint Hierarch Spyridon, from 25-12- 2003 (12-12-2003 Old style / after the Julian calendar) (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** The Holy Spirit sighs in heaven and on earth. He is the tear of the Father and of the Son, God’s tear, which becomes word, tear that comforts even if there is no comfort for it but only pain, for the tear is born from pain. I am the Father Sabaoth, and My Son stands on My right side, the Savior of the man humble in his spirit, and who is full of My sighing, and this sighing is called the Holy Spirit. The entire heaven of saints and angels is near Us, and the heaven is celebrating within a great mystery the holy feast for the little garden of the word, and the Father, the Son and the whole heaven of saints and angels has been looking at it, for it is its feast today, of the three feasts established over it at its sealing with the Holy Spirit, with God’s sign. Oh, dear Son, this day has been waited by those who are faithful to gather them in it in the garden of the meeting, but at the work of the book We have those who make Us room on earth with the people at the feasts of the heaven. Oh, painful Son, the feasts of the heaven are not on earth as in heaven, even if You taught Your disciples to do God’s will on earth as in heaven in all the times, for the man has to do Our will, and without man this is not possible on earth. The Holy Spirit in Us becomes word, and the word is Our tear before the man, tearful Son, because all My word, which flows thorough You, is tear, aggrieved Son, and such feasts are among those in heaven, and these are not something else. … — Oh, Father, the pain of the Holy Spirit’s tear, We have nowhere to rest on it but only within the gates, and it is mysterious and it cannot be seen and known by man in such a way that he may also suffer from the sufferance of the Holy Spirit. Two thousand years ago, when I sent Your promise over My disciples from the world, the power of the Holy Spirit rested on many, and then the apostles baptized those who were added to the sight of the signs of those who followed. And Peter answered those who asked the apostles about what they were sup- posed to do: «Repent, and be baptized, everyone of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit». (Acts 4:38) Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Descending of the Holy Spirit, from 19-06-2005. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** I come down near you with days of Pentecost, My people, for My word, which is full of sighing, is all the feast of those from heaven, because the man does not want to be with the heaven on earth. I have let the feasts of the heaven on earth by the prophets and by the saints, but the people do not have piety, and that is why they are those who live within the feasts and the Lord does not live in man. I with the Father establish all the order for the man and the man does not give Us what We gave him, but he rather gives Us disobedience, and thankfulness from man does not come up to God. Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Holy Spirit’s Descending – the second day. The Feast of the Holy Trinity, from 20-06-2005. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) 16