The second coming of Jesus Christ The Word of God about the change of feasts - the denial of faith - Page 14

The change of feasts - the denial of faith … Oh, My people, neither did the world know Me then and not now; however, those by whom I had prepared My coming knew Me then and they fulfilled it. Oh, with how much long- ing, with how much love, with how much awe they fulfilled it, and with how much pain, My people, for the world did not know My coming. The heaven was crying with pain then, and was seeking someone to rejoice with on the earth over My birth, and then it went to those who did not take delight in the worldly things and it told them about Me through the angels. And the little shepherds came to the manger of straw where I with My mother, who gave Me birth, were waiting for comfort from the earth; We were waiting for hearts to receive Us and to know Us, but those who take delight in the worldly manner, they do not know Us. Today the world celebrates in a worldly manner and it takes delight every way possible in the name of My birth, but when the feast of My birth comes, then I will rejoice with you at the right time for this feast and I will show the people the feast and its time and its heavenly delight and not the worldly one, for even now I am not finding any shelter in the world. (See: Jesus’ childhood, r.n.) Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon, from 25-12- 2001 *** Go Jerusalem and rejoice with longing and not with joy. Go, and let My face shine on your face, My people from the end of the time. The feast of the Lord’s birth, this is what you celebrate today near those in My little village of today. Then I came to Bethlehem, and now I have come into this little village, which the man called it by the name of the earth, (Glodeni << glod: dust, a handful of earth, clay, earth for processed by hand – eg: pottery, r.n.) and this name was born with a great mystery among My angels, which have watched for the name of My little village of today (Glodeni, r.n.). Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Nativity, from 07-01-2002 (25.12.2001 Old style / after the Julian calendar) (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive) *** I am above you, My people. I have been watching your steps to the spring, to the pool, son, and I stay above you with a feast of Epiphany, I bless the water of your springs and I bless your drinking it and its power and then over you, to have you strong, My people, so that I may have you as Mine and to make you useful in the work of My coming, for it is My coming with you always, always, My people. Amen. This is the feast of Epiphany from of the grandparents and ancestors, and I have turned with you back to them to find you, a true people on My coming, for it is written: «The hearts of the fathers will be turned to the sons, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I may lift the curse from the earth and not strike with it on My coming, when not finding at their place everything that was established by the parents», but rather to bless My earth from here with a feast of Epiphany and then to bless the earth from place to place, as the man is on it as well. Amen. Oh, children from the manger of My blessings! Come to the spring to bless the waters, sons. Now you are few at the celebration of the spirit of the waters, but from now on crowds and crowds will gather together at the feasts of My blessings, and you will be stronger in order to be able to manage with Me and to give Me My glory, which is over you, as a love that I give you to carry between earth and heaven. Amen. 14