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The change of feasts - the denial of faith Lord, will have mercy on the one who receives Me as his Master and Bridegroom coming from the Father as the word on the earth, and then a visible body, body and word, word and body, the Christ of the Father. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way 9 ”, r.n.) And the nations will become Christian and will live a Christian life and rejoice of such a living, for the world does not know what joy means. The world did not want to be left of its own, and the world has no head, and its church is worldly, not heavenly, and is discovered before God and this is how it prays to God, but it cannot be this way for it is written: «Any woman praying to God with her head unveiled dishonors her head, and the head of the woman is her husband». Any church praying to God with its head unveiled, dishonors her head, and the head of the church has to be Christ, for Christ is the husband of the church, the Bridegroom of the church if the church is the bride, and if it is not the bride it is not Christ’s church, but is a worldly and not a Christian church. The Christ’s church has a Christian living and a Christian feast, but look, the Romanian churches wanted to be left on its own head and spoiled its holidays, and removed the holy times from their places, and it is no longer a church, for it is a church without saints, for each moment has its own blessing and each day testifies about its saints. Let Mine and My saints’ celebrations come back to their places, for I call out again with this call upon the Romanian people that I want to be Christian on the land of My right- eousness. I made out of the Romanian land, the land of My word, the land of righteousness, for My word is righteousness on earth, and I will make out of the Romanian land a land of My Christians, and the Christians are they who have a living like Mine and a name like Mine. Oh, My people, I came to you to weigh your deed. The world rejoices of choice food, with pork meat and strong drinks, and says that it celebrates My birth. But the world butchers pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry to eat and enjoy its celebration, and the Lord’s celebration with the man are not this way. Now it has to be a time of fasting until the day of My birth celebration, (On January 7 after the current Gregorian rite again, r.n.) and you, Romania, butcher pigs and shed blood in the time of fasting. Oh, the blood should not be shed in the time of fasting, teach- ing and holiness for your preparation for the welcome of My birth celebration. You removed two Sundays from their place for you thought that you can turn the times back, and you did, as it is written in the Scriptures: «They will make bold to change the times». You should know, Romania, you should know that the feast for the welcome of My birth’s celebration is not over, and you overlook the saint’s ordinances, and they are upset with you and your fathers and I always hear them saying to Me: − Lord, how long is it until placing us back to our places? Lord, we want to do good to the people, and the people hurt us. Lord, redeem our places for the antichrist drew us out from the church and took our place, coat and house, and the church is without saints, and it does not know its sickness; (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast 10 ”, r.n.) it 9 You can also see on:!IINnwQaa!vwmhpxLtU-XyDsihEu12o1MBgrhWf_POOIYYDuFu3kc ble_way.pdf 10 You can also see on: 10