The Score Magazine May 2017 - Page 32

Harman Professional India to unveil products that will enhance your performance at Palm Expo 2017 JBL VTX A12 Next Generation Dual 12" Line Array Loudspeaker JBL EON ONE PRO All-In-One, Rechargeable, PA System AKG K872 THE NEW BENCHMARK FOR PERFORMANCE Unprecedented accuracy for studio production and live sound engineering AKG C7 STUDIO SOUND, STAGE PRESENCE for worry-free lead and backing vocals JBL Intonato 24 24-Channel Monitor Management Tuning System 24-Channel Monitor Management Tuning System HARMAN Connected PA The Connected PA solution is enabled via ioSYS technology and initially includes equipment from Soundcraft, JBL, dbx and AKG, allowing musicians to create systems that suit their specific needs. MEET THE CONNECTED PA FAMILY JBL PRX800 Loudspeakers AKG P5i Microphone dbx Di Direct Box AKG MDAi Connected PA Adapter Martin Thrill Series New line for DJs, musicians, and enthusiasts offers plug-and-play ease to enhance live performances and events 30 The Score Magazine Soundcraft Ui24R Mixer