The Score Magazine May 2017 - Page 19

Any EP (extended play) or a single on the anvil? Not as of now, but I hope to dip my toes a little deeper into the independent musical shores in the near future. Why do you think there is a dearth of female composers in the music industry barring a few like Sneha Khanwalkar, Jasleen Kaur Royal or the erstwhile Usha Khanna? Would you ever like to compose a note or two yourself? I’ve never considered myself a composer. I’ve written a few songs casually here and there, but those are my private thoughts penned at leisure. They are exclusively mine and not for sale. I can hum a few stanzas for my own gratification and solace in a lone corner but won’t really look to broadcast them over the mike. See I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating, but in my public life, singing will always remain my principal priority. I’m not sure “why” there is a dearth of female tunesmiths in the tinselville, but I can clearly figure out a voluminous emergence of more and more female technicians and behind-the-s 6VR7&gG7vVWF26v&7W'&VFǐFWfW"&Vf&Rv62FVVB6FfR6vB7FWf'v&BF&V7FvFW&R2&W7W&vV6Rb&VW2bvFVFW2"W7FW'V G2r6Vvr2Bf"FF( 26vW'2FFW7F6RF7V66w2WBFVƗfW"g&W6fVVvFFV"6FV&'Gv7G3F226WFrFVvF&VwV&ǒ2( vf"Bb6fW'2Ff"FRUGV&RvW&RFW7BWV7WFP&VGW7Fr6rvFV6FVw&GBWBF@גvfW'fRBg&W6W72FG2&W6VBFfW'6@2FVfFVǒ6VvR'WBVFV6W2&RVFV&pWrFW'&WFF2b6w2FWfRN( 2vW"UGV&P6fW'2vWB6fWw2G2BƖW26B2FVfFVǐ76&RF7G&RFR&vB&6R&WGvVV7FrG'VRFFP&v2vV2FFrW"v7FBvBvVB&RW"gWGW&Rb7F2ǗvBFW&FFRW6266VR6Ɩs'fRvBFFBFrB7FW'7FWFVvvRf"r( W7B&WBvWGFr7F'FVB&ǗvB6rB7FVGv2FR&6R( BFW6( BFR6v6W26pvFBvRF( BfRG67Vv'7vVWBf6R'WBWrvRRf 7W&R2FB&W76rF6wV6Rf"RF7FBWBbFR7&vCFfFrW"vVVR6VB2WG&VVǒ7'V6f"6vW'2FVƖvFVBגf6R6( B66FW&V@( 7FW&VG6( ( B&V66VǒFBvVB&RFR7BFV7FfR( @v6F766FRח6VbvFFRfr"6'&FR'F7V"6vW.( 27GRW &VFFv2W"ff&FRFW&F'F7FRBvBVƗGGG&7G2RFW#( 7W&R7V&666W6ǒ6'&FRFR7GRb6WfW&6vW'2v( fRw&vWƗ7FVrFG'FV&g&ЦWfW'RƗ7FVFRbגFRffW&FW22&VVFP6V6F6V7F"&W6RvW26^( 2p&VBW&f&W"BW66G&VG6WGFW"W"v&vBॖW"W76vRFW"f2B&VFW'2bFRv^( `FV'FVBFWfW'RvWfW"VG2V"FגW6266fWrגG2bfRFF6RFRֆ&Bf2@fvW'2WBFW&R&W6FW2( B6RF7FVvvVB֖2fRW6FrFw26֖rWFRWBf66FFFP66&RvPv66&R6У