The Score Magazine May 2017 - Page 16

PRAMITA BOSE JONITA GANDHI She is a desi damsel with upbringing on the phoren shores. But she never forgot her roots and returned to soar high in the musical sky like a whistling songbird. Born in Delhi, India but moved to Toronto and Brampton (Canada) for the most part of her formative years, talented young singer Jonita Gandhi never neglected her inherent talent nor compromised on honing it further. Like many from her generation, this 28-yearold performer too initially tested waters on her YouTube channel and emerged successfully with over 4.5 million views and 40,000 subscribers to boot. After a brush with the limelight, she is now completely immersed into Bollywood playback with a door kept ajar for independent music and joint-ventures. She talks to Score music magazine about her career choice, maiden film offer, being a daddy’s girl, composing in the closet, singing style and so on… 14 The Score Magazine