The Score Magazine June 2018 issue! - Page 47

MUKESH AMARAN ALBUM ART icle: Noopur Choksi A childhood brimming with music is bound to inspire the kid in one way or the other. Having parents who could provide you with just that is an added bonus. Noopur Choksi is one such personality who always found music to be huge source of inspiration. “Music breaks the monotone of life, somehow I always end up finding more than what I’m looking for.”, she says. Fascinated by people who do things for the love of art and experimentation, Noopur found Cosmic Attic to be a reflection of just that and helped heighten the experience that he had already created, through his music. Her artwork provides a visual dimension to take the story forward. While she tells us, the album might not be for everyone, she finds the album to be full of beautiful details and being open minded, patient and attentive is key. Having designed not just album arts, but posters too, Noopur says the process taps into slightly different avenues