The Score Magazine June 2018 issue! - Page 30

SOUVIK CHAKRABORT Y PODCASTS IN INDIA The internet is fast moving to stipulated content that is niche and is tailor made for those who want a platter of exclusivity and variety at the same time. The millennial does not expect everything to be OTT, but it breathes with renewed energy when it gets its own content sprinkled with the right mixture of wit, humour and intellect at the same time. From the creaking cacophonous noisy transistors to the uber sleek smart phones, the radio content has also evolved a generation in terms of the audience it caters and the content it provides. Take a look at a host of popular podcasts in India that is making the kitty of the audio visual content growing- SynTalk Synthesis talk embarks mostly upon didactic talks heavy in intellect, inter dependant ideas and inter disciplinary discussions and researches. from science, medicine to politics and even economics and philosophy, everything is touched upon just as a touchstone would do to iron, to turn it into gold. The speakers of the podcasts are open to counter arguments and the popular perception is that the podcast is a synthesis of thesis and antithesis rather than a scripted choc-a-bloc situation. History of India For those of you who want to go all Doctor Faustus on the embankment of knowledge and a free sailing of vigour-filled words, for them, this punny and edgy little series of audio blogs are a great source of learning through infotainment. This discusses everything from caste system to the invasion of foreign emperors and the trade culture of foreigners. After the first successful session of the podcast, the history of India was refurbished for a second installment. Trial by Error This one is a popular one from the Delhi based journalist Nishita Jha. The series covered mostly in depth analysis of the Aarushi murder case, concocting the dots from various investigations and anecdotal recounts of friends and families. The series was in the lines of the popular US based podcast called Serial. Maed in India Mae Thomas promotes the freshest tunes and the hottest grooves from indie artist. Mae curates the best of the best 28 The Score Magazine tracks, aligns the artists for interviews and promotions and surprises all artists in India and abroad like there is no tomorrow! So every Monday there is a spark of magic happening with a dash of ingenuity in terms of the content that Mae propagates. The Fan Garage This one is a nice place to hang out for sports fanatics who missed out on major sporting events in India. The blog covers major sports from kabaddi, to cricket and the major sporting events of the country. Every session that the blog picks up necessarily boasts of an in depth analysis of the current affairs related to sports in India. Watcha This one is by the maverick film critic and writer, Aniruddha Guha's dissections on TV shows, web shows and YouTube videos. This blog also covers major TV shows, new releases and covers recommendations from India and abroad. Indian Start Up Show Neil Patel, hosts this show as a cracking nut for for venturing into a new startup, or for walking into the footsteps of those who had already made it big in the industry. So, if you are a hobbyist use your vocation to educate you more and if you are head over heels into a romantic affair with entreprenuership this is a good start. The talking topics range largely from sales, design, marketing, and psychology to UI/UX, financing and more. The Real Food Podcast Vikram Doctor hosts this as a fortnightly episode which talks about food, its origins, the constituents and the amazing new techniques of creating new recipes. There are episodes which discusses in detail the nitty gritties of the culinary art. Thanks to his lifelong experiences of being a food critic, today his podcasts are laced with the expertise of a master chef. The Intersection Samanth Subramanian and Padmaparna Ghosh hosts this podcasts on the varied fields of science, culture and history. It is an in depth and serious study in the fields of rese