The Score Magazine June 2018 issue! - Page 28

THAYIRSADAM BLUES TRIVIA What is Thayir Sadam Blues Thayir Sadam blues is a multi-genre band that was formed accidentally in Pune at an open mic where the 3 South- Indian founders- Bharadwaj Krishnan (Saxophonist), Aditya Veera (Lead Vocalist) and Sundar Subramaniam (Drummer) - met and decided they will play together based on similar music tastes and complimentary music styles. The addition of the other members were also accidental - a saxophonist playing on a rooftop, a pianist playing at a music shop etc. 26 The Score Magazine Tell us the story behind the interesting name. At our first open mic, the 3 founding members went on stage. We were put on the spot by the emcee to come up with a name in 30 seconds. We got into a huddle. We thought this would be the first and last time we would perform together and thought- let’s make it a fun name. We looked for commonalities between the 3 of us- we were all South Indian and we all loved curd rice (Thayir Sadam in Tamil). So we called ourselves ThayirSadam Blues- the Blues was added because we had a saxophonist- we did not play blues that night. We got a gig by the end of the night. It’s been little over a year now, inspired by the elegant simplicity of curd rice, we have done over 60 gigs primarily in Pune and Mumbai. Life is full of surprises. As a band, do you think varied interests among members help you with the music or does it come in the way? While we do a few common tastes in music and all of us are addicted to music in our band, each person brings a different flavour to the band as we have many different styles coming together. It would be unfair to point out one artist or one style to be a sole influence on our band. We bring together gospel, carnatic, blues, funk and electronic influences into our music. We are completely an experimental band and try to perform songs in our own unique styles that includes a saxophone and a beat boxer (Parag Bhide) too. What are you guys doing different from the bands that are already out there? The most unique thing about our band is probably the ability to work with so many different artists and play so many different styles and languages. We were once approached by an event management company to dress up as waiters and take requests at tables at a gujju wedding! Other musicians refused to do it because they thought it was demeaning. We thought it was innovative and fun and took it up. We had a blast! It also happened to be our first paid gig and it paid for a couple of instruments for the band and got us off the ground! We just focus on improving ourselves as musicians and are open to any kind of music and don’t have the restrictions that most artists typically do. With such a wide set of instruments, how do you manage to balance the compositions? We have a long way to go to get our visions to life. But every once in a while, we hit that perfect ‘aha moment’ as a band with some songs. All the musicians who play with us are pretty accomplished as individual musicians and we have no attention seekers in the band. So everyone contributes their uniqueness and gets recognised for awesomeness. Do you guys love to play live or do you think you are better off in the studio? We have primarily been a live performance band so far. We have been primarily playing covers. However, you will see a very different side of the band once our originals are released- the studio side. We want to have fun as a band and grow as musicians. We enjoy a music loving audience, be it online or offline.