The Score Magazine June 2018 issue! - Page 26

KARISHMA D'MELLO Metal & Mythology: The Indian Influence You know what’s so great about metal? Besides its obvious contributions to the tin foil industry (you may ignore that line), as a genre, it features some of the most diverse and unconventional influences as far as songwriting goes. This is probably why the overall sound is generally more appealing to a relatively unconventional audience as well. While popular genres tend to stick to themes like romance and the endlessly fascinating behaviors of young folk at the local night club, metal has always had room for much, much more! Among the many significant influences to the lyrical themes in heavy metal, history and mythology have definitely been among some of the most noteworthy. The influence of Norwegian mythology is so strong that it has spawned its own sub-genre of “Viking Metal”. Egyptian, Roman and Greek mythology and South American culture have also inspired the lyrics and music of many great bands like “Septicflesh”, Ex Deo and Symphony X. And if you’re looking for the Indian influence, it isn’t very hard to find either. Here are a few bands from all over the world who have been heavily inspired by Indian mythology, Vedic literature and Hindu philosophy. Kartikeya (Russian) “Durga Puja” and “Mahayuga” are probably not the first things that come to mind when you think of possible song titles of a Russian death metal band; but then came Karthikeya. The title itself is a giveaway with this band, having been named after the Indian war god (generally envisioned riding a peacock). Their themes tend to be strongly centered around Hinduism and eastern mythology, while Z\]\X\H\[][H[X[[] HX\ۈ܈X\œؘXH]^H[\H]Xš[[Y[[ۙYHH\X[\8$[\8$Z]\X[][ۋ[و\H ޙX\XXB\XY][[\X][B[Y[YH[X[[\H]Z\Xۙ[[H\XX[B]Y[[H[ܚ][[][Y\H[X] ]\Hۙ›ۈH[[H\[]Y[[B[ܚ][[H[YHܚ\ [HZ\\[[H\\ܚXY\8'][\XY][8'KHXۙۙH\YX][Hۈ[Y\ZB\\X[Z\KYX]X[[[[[ܙYXH[\]YBX[X\\\XY][\˜ۘ\Y Z\[[H\ܚ\˜[\H؝[\H[Y[YB[X[^]X[Y\\˂YH [\ܙJBYHZH\ܚXHZ\[\8'YXY][8'K[Z\\XŒBܙHXY^[BYۜܙKBٝ[[YH[Y[X[\[[X[[Y\ˈH[ٝ[\\ܚ\\[[[]X[]^[YHY][\\[ۈ[Z]\ˈYBوZ\[[\HXYX[YHو8'ZX]YXx'K[H\]Y[Hو8'[[ܙX[x'K'[Y[[x'H[[[HB\\\Z\[H8$¸'[[[ܝ[x'K\Z]H\ۙBوZ\X\Y\[[\]\˜\YۈHXZX\]KZ[][YH \[ B\\[\H8'XX[Y][8'B[\^XHۙH[[H]Y']HY\Z[x'H [™܈Y\[]H[YH\š\HJK[\Y][\[]ܛ\H\وH8'YXY][8'B[][]KH[\H[[B\X[H\H[و\X[[X[]\X[^[YHY][]XXوH^ۙ][™\YH\وYX[Y[ۋ[[ۚX\\X[ۈ [XJB[[ۚX\\X[۸&\]\[\[[H[X\Y[[B'\]]\'H\[X][X[^]KH[[H\Z[\[H[H[X[YB[\[ܙHو[[X[\X[YY]X]HY][[وX[ XXوHۙ[\H[[B\HYY\H[]]\›و\H[Y][ZB'X]Xx'H H\ H[8'[X[x'BH\K[[ [H]BX\K