The Score Magazine June 2018 issue! - Page 25

MUSKAN GOSWAMI The Most-loved Non-Bollywood Songs by Wadali Brother, The Sufi Legends Sufi music is the one which connects to the soul. The depth in lyrics, the heart-warming combination of instruments and the mesmerizing voice of the singers – Sufi music is truly breathtaking, and Wadali Brothers are the masters of this genre. Wadali Brothers- Ustad Puran Chand Wadali and the late Ustad Pyarelal Wadali are traditional Sufi singers who have created an amazing Sufi legacy of their own. The duo is among the few traditional Sufi singers who have dabbled flawlessly in Bollywood music. The Bollywood songs sung by Wadali bothers are quite known by all. This is why we have curated a quick list of their most beautiful songs that you might not have heard: 1. Tu Maane Taa Naa Maane 4. Ni Saiyon Asi Naina The Wadali Brothers have sung this Punjabi Sufiana song with a kind of honesty that is bound to stun you! The track can be found in their album named, The Best of Wadali Brothers (Ishq Musafir). On YouTube, you can easily find this piece of creation. 5. Dama Dam Mast Qalandar One of the most popular spiritual Sufi songs, Dama Dam Mast Qalandar has always been a mesmerizer. It is a classic that even Abida Parveen and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan have themselves performed. The Wadali Brothers have experienced a tremendous response whenever they performed this hit song. On YouTube, one of their event’s video has even crossed 1 million views. This popular Sufi song was taken over by the Wadali Brothers at Coke Studio India. The duo’s performance is magnetic and the vibe of the lyrics resonates in their voice perfectly. The lyrics of this song talk about how loving one’s beloved is as sacred as worshipping the God himself. On YouTube, there video has been viewed about 12 million times. 6. Sauda Ikko Jeha 2. Jaise Meri Eid Ho Gayi 7. Tere Ishq Nachaya The song is sung in collaboration with Lakhwinder Wadali, son of Puran Chand Wadali. This song is from the duo’s album called Ishqe De Jaam. The beautiful lyrics of this song are written by Fida Batalvi and the official video of the song has about 3 million views on YouTube. 3. Rabb Da Dedar Released in 2017, Rabb Da Dedar is among the latest songs by the duo. The music is by Ramaz Music who has given the song a beautiful blend of traditional Sufi along with a touch of contemporary vibe. The official video of this song has over 3 million views on YouTube. The Wadali Brothers performed this song live, many times. One such performance at an event can be seen on YouTube. The duo along with a number of other great musicians has taken this soulful song to a completely new note. The song talks about giving away your heart and asking for your beloved’ heart, and terms it as a similar exchange. A pulsating rendering of Tere Ishq Nachaya by the Sufi legends, this song talks about love in an incredible way. The powerful voices of The Brothers will leave a strong impact on your mind, long after you have heard the song. This track comes from their album named The Best of Wadali Brothers (Aa Mil Yaar). Each one of their songs carries a level of warmth which will touch your heart to the core. Such has been the magic of the legendary Wadali Brothers. The Score Magazine 23