The Score Magazine June 2018 issue! - Page 17

fire Your Top 5 Rappers? One hidden talent you have that nobody knows? Lupe Fiasco, The Game, Eminem, J Cole, DMX I can do the betwixt nose twist What comes to your mind when you hear the following? The best gig you ever had? a. Rap God- KRS One, Rakim Redbull Tour Bus- A slice Of Indian Hip-hop b. RDB- Manjh Music Most fun artist you’ve worked with? c. Kerala- God’s own country d. Delhi- My own Countr y Which is your best song till date? My artist- Unan and Vishal Dadlani The song that turns you up? Goosebumps by Travis Scott Allah Ve mistakes. My dad sat down with me and talked about sex. He told me what a condom is. But, if you have an upbringing where your dad is hurling abuses at your mom or he’s beating her, that’s what you grow up to be. We are taught that men are superior to women. That’s bullshit. We need to kill taboo. I have a Malyali upbringing. In my side of the family, the girl child inherits her father’s property. That’s beautiful. I’ve never seen my dad disrespect my mom in any way. So, I grew up respecting women. But, now this insidious mentality has been embedded in us. It’ll wither away only if we educate our kids better. We need to teach our kids to respect a woman’s womanhood. And we need to make an example out of genuine culprits. It’ll take time, but it’ll get better until the next generation grows up. You release a lot of independent music along with film music. What is difference in the process of the two and what adjustments do you have to make while shifting from one to another? The primary difference is that I do Bollywood music for others and independent for myself. While making a Bollywood song, I do what the script demands and what the director wants. I write the lyrics as per that. We mak e the whole song, give it to the director, and make the changes if there’re any. When I’m making an independent song, I do what I want to do with the song. I decide everything from production to lyrics. Despite having many hit singles independently and in movies, you haven’t released a full album yet. Can we expect your debut rap album any soon? My debut album is on the way. It should be complete in a matter of the next two months. It’s called ‘Zero to Infinity’. We’ll have eight tracks on the album. After that, I’ll be back making mixtapes. I’ve already competed a song with Emiway. I’m making a song with Brodha V. Brodha V is producing music for the track. There’s an upcoming song called ‘O Chori’ where I’ve collaborated with Jyotica Tangri who sang ‘Pallo Latke’. She’s a phenomenal vocalist. All my upcoming songs have collaborations with artists who are not very known yet, but they’re talented musicians. There’s a track from my album called ‘Mundeya Di Maut’ with Uday who’s also a very talented rapper. You never shied off supporting young talent. Recently you signed five underground rap artistes. Tell us a bit more about that? Yeah. The artists that I’ve signed recently are Krishna, Deep Khalsi, Harjas, Unan, and Karma. We’re going to drop a compilation of songs where everybody has their own song and own music video. We’ve already shot Karma and Unan’s music videos. Krishna did an immaculate track called ‘Vyanjan’ recently where he raps the whole hindi alphabetic characters in order. It is the toughest rap song that you will hear in recent times. I treat everybody as equal artists without any personal bias and we’re all collaborating together to make new music. I promise that people will remember me as a person who has not made hip-hop bigger but made hip-hop able to feed families. Rap and hip hop’s growing worldwide popularity has reflected in the Indian circuit too. Do you think this is its best chance to get into the mainstream music or do you think it still lacks refinement? Rap started making an impact in the industry since the time Bohemia dropped ‘Kali Denali’ in 2006. That’s when I as a listener heard desi rap and got influenced by it. Until 2016, people were developing an ear for it. What we did 5 years back developed a momentum for such music. There’s a hip-hop show on radio called ‘Rap Jones’ now. BBC Asian is recording hip-hop music in India. India hosted its first hip-hop festival called ‘A Slice of Indian Hip-Hop’ by Redbull Tour Bus in Guwahati this February. Divine was performing there, Khasi Bloodz were there and a whole new breed of vernacular hip-hop artists performed at the festival. I myself, was headlining the concert. That was the best concert I’ve ever performed at. The vibe there was electrifying. So, yes, the listening has developed. It’ll take time for artists to get paid by making hip-hop. But, I’d still definitely say that hip-hop is the mainstream music now. You’ve time and again said that Rap must be more skewed towards storytelling. Do you think popular Bollywood music has done justice to the genre? There are two genres- Hip-hop and Hip-pop. So, Bollywood might not be essentially hip-hop, but it is blending into the genre with a mix of pop music. It’s like a leakage in the pipe that we’ve entered and we’re now headed towards the opening where rap becomes a thing in itself. Divine is the perfect example of that. People who didn’t weren’t aware of hip-hop music have now developed the taste for it due to Bollywood. So, yes Bollywood has certainly nurtured an audience for rap music. What message do you have for our readers? I will say- be a wannabe. Because everybody starts as wannabe and then someday you become somebody by following your passion. It is very necessary to wish for something to make it happen. The Score Magazine 15