The Score Magazine June 2017 issue - Page 36

Casio launches new Keyboard Learning App along with new learning keyboards Casio India has been working tirelessly in order to bring to you great products which can help expand the music learning market by introducing innovative new features in their line of learning keyboards. Casio's newest electronic musical instruments offer a comprehensive feature set geared to enrich the learning experience and explore new musical genres. The new Portable CTK-3500, CTK- 2500, CTK-1500 keyboards are outfitted with Casio's Voice Fingering Guide, Step-up Lesson System, and Lesson Lite which enable beginners to learn built-in songs, phase-by- phase, at their own individual pace. With the LCD display, consumers can learn both music notation and correct hand positioning, while Casio's innovative Scoring System evaluates performance so users can track their progress. With the Key Lighting keyboards, users can practice with the help of the lighted 61-Key piano keyboard making learning both fun and entertaining. 34 The Score Magazine Casio India in accordance with its tradition of designing instruments aimed around creativity & contribution, has added simple & interactive learning features to the keyboard to make learning more fun because the student can now download any song he/she wishes to learn and easier than ever before as learning becomes more interactive when one is connected to a smart device. Casio has developed these with the vision of enabling people who have no experience playing an electronic keyboard to have fun while also helping experienced keyboard players expand their repertoires. The new CTK-2500, CTK-3500 also features a direct connection to the new Chordana Play app, allowing users to learn to play their favorite songs via downloadable MIDI files. This u Ή₯ΕΥ”½ΉΉ•Ρ₯½Έ½Α•Ι…ѕ́½Ω•Θ„ΝΡ…Ή‘…ɐ€ΔΌΰˆ( ΜΈΥ΅΄€ΝΡ•Ι•Ό…‰±”‰•Ρέ••Έ…Έ₯=L½Θ…Ή‘Ι½₯‘•Ω₯”…Ή)Ρ‘”­•ε‰½…ɐ