The Score Magazine June 2017 issue - Page 21

have the VTX A12 which is top of the line touring grade line arrays, studio grade quality and meant to fulfill all international tech riders. It has got neutral sounding tone and fits into all markets. We are showcasing this product at the Harman Live Arena this year and we have a whole range of artists from Rock, Pop, Reggae, Fusion, Folk, and lots more. We want to convey to our audience that you can play any genre of music on these and it would sound just as great. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Eon One Pro, which is ultra portable, runs off a six hour battery, has a 4 channel mixer built into it, Bluetooth control, streaming. It is like a JBL flip on steroids (laughs). We have covered both ends of the spectrum and also a whole range of products in between. Your views on Palm Expo and how does it add value to Harman? Personally, I have been a part of Palm Expo for the past 10 years now! When Diversified Communications ran it back in the day out of the Nehru Centre and I remember there were very few booths and a whole bunch of confused visitors. Now, the booth count has grown and it rivals some of the international shows. It has definitely come a long way! After ABEC took over the Palm Show, I think they have added some good inputs to it and made sure it reaches the right audience and have brought in the right kind of customer base. They have supported us a lot and helped us put in together the Harman Live Arena. This is highly curated content with very specialist platform showcasing the best of technology. They have been kind to lend us space to do that and we have made it happen! People come for the trade show and some live music experience! I personally think, this is the culmination of experiential marketing. One is where you show the products and second is showcasing them in the right space. That’s how marketing succeeds! What do you attribute Harman’s success to? Harman’s success is definitely because of the People associated with it, which in my opinion is the first P in the 4 P’s of Marketing. I joined this company 5 years ago; incidentally, this happens to be my 5th year. I have never lasted in any company for more than three years. I must say that Harman has kept me very occupied. I always surrounded myself with people who were better than me. One aspect is the talent portion in the company. The other is the community we build around it which includes colleagues, customers, partners and channels who help build the Harman Ecosystem. Harman is not just a company, it is an idea and we require everyone in the ecosystem to make it successful. What is the biggest challenge for Harman? Our biggest challenge, in my opinion, would be Complacency! We cannot sit back and say we are the best and if we do that, it would be the beginning of our downfall. best and keep improving and growing and become lean in terms of costs. Harman Live Arena has been growing. What’s your vision for it? This project started seven years ago at Palm Expo. We wanted to just showcase our products with the right environment and best possible talents. That thought has come full circle right now across all genres. We have started another property called Harman DJ Arena for budding DJs. The thought of Live Arena remains central. We want to take this platform to different geographies and in different formats. For instance, Harman Live Studio in an intimate setting with fewer musicians like with an RnB artist, singer-songwriter etc. We will take that to different venues and curate that content too. The central concept would remain the same. We did something interesting last year where took the Harman Live Arena to the Big 69 metal festival. We branded it as the Harman Live Arena at the Big 69 Festival! It was a huge success. WE want to do it with Bollywood, Sufi, Folk etc too! Are there any big associations this year? We are in talks with Jonita Gandhi to get her on board as an endorsee. Kabir Café was recently added to our endorsee list. We are talking to Ska Vengers as well. Tell us about your association with Endorsee. Ours is not a formalized endorsee program. It is more of a friendship agreement and that is the way the artists like it. We don’t force them to do anything. We help them in terms of equipment, gear, space and financial assistance if needed. For instance, we helped Kabir Café with studio space using our contacts and also provided them with some equipment to record. We do a lot of support activities outside of our contract too! Our idea is to help artists grow, when they do, they will take our brand with them and thus bringing out more artists out there. People love to get associated with us! It is tough for us to refuse some associations but hopefully we will tie up with them soon! What do you think about The Score Magazine? You guys came into the space when everything thought it was jaded! You have transformed music reporting. One thing I absolutely love about the magazine is that, you can read the magazine end to end in one sitting without getting bored! I am happy that you stood up to the true spirit of journalism and reported well with good research. You also featured artists who definitely deserved to be featured on covers. In short, you have done a great job and hence we love to be associated with your magazine! The other thing would be Technology and changing mindsets. The best way to deal with it would be to do our The Score Magazine 19