The Score Magazine June 2017 issue - Page 20

PRAGASH VM Mr. Prashant Govindan, Sr. Director India and Sri Lanka from Harman Professional spoke to us about how he sees the future of Harman, his thoughts of Palm Expo, Harman Live Arena, and much more in an exciting interview! How do you see the company changing in the next two years? Harman is in for very exciting times and especially Harman Professional as we now have a huge culmination of technologies. Earlier, we were only a sound company and then we went and got into lighting. Everybody told us that all we needed to complete the circle was to buy a video company. It turned out that the video company bought us (laughs). So, one way or the other the equation was fulfilled. Samsung having bought over Harman, we now have a full offering in the professional segment. We can go from a microphone to a loudspeaker and everything in between in terms of signal processing, amplification, peripheral technologies, control, lighting and display. Give us one word that describes Harman the best Actually two words: Expect Brilliance! Tell us about the products launches at Palm Expo 2017 We have got products hitting the high and low scale this year. On the ‘₯ Ν…±”°έ”(Δΰ)Q‘”)M½Ι”5……ι₯Ή”)‘₯‘½ΉΝ½Ι”Ή½΄